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He was especially proficient at dealing with agility system Soul Masters and had extremely sound judgment. This Snow and Ice Storm that had been unleashed was his signature control ability, and it encompassed a very large area.

The spy that they had detected was proving to be quite troublesome; he was adept in spatial abilities, and shockwave missiles weren't cheap. Over 20 of them had already been launched thus far, all to no avail, which was why he had decided to come out in person to get the job done.

No matter how cunning the spy was, there was no way he would be able to escape.

The Snow and Ice Storm he had unleashed had the ability to seal off the space that it encompassed, but right at this moment, a stunning turn of events unfolded.

All of a sudden, a burst of blue light abruptly rose up from the surface of the ocean. Xie Xie was already in complete despair, yet the frosty aura around him was suddenly alleviated significantly, and the snowflakes around him quickly melted away as if they were being subjected to the heat of the scorching summer sun.

"Get in the sea." A familiar voice traveled into his ears, and his eyes lit up with elation as he immediately plunged into the sea like a cannonball.

The Snow and Ice Battle God faltered slightly upon seeing this before reflexively pointing a finger at Xie Xie, sending a streak of glacial light hurtling directly toward him.

However, a massive wave suddenly rose up from the sea without any warning, then swept up Xie Xie's body and abruptly dragged him into the ocean. Thus, the Snow and Ice Battle God's attack struck nothing but empty air.

The Snow and Ice Battle God was furious, and he immediately issued an instruction through his portable military communicator. "Activate the deep sea radars!"

The underwater sonars, radars, thermal imaging devices, and soul power detection soul tools were all immediately activated, but no discoveries were made; it was as if the Xie Xie had been completely devoured by the ocean, leaving no traces behind.

How was this possible?

An astonished look appeared in the eyes of the Snow and Ice Battle God upon receiving this report. He had faced countless agility system Soul Masters throughout his life, but it was the first time that something like this had ever happened. This was downright incredible!

That wave clearly wasn't part of that agility system Soul Master's abilities, so someone had to have backed him up from underwater. Was this person from the Star Luo Empire?

In any case, the federal fleet was going to be discovered by the Star Luo Empire eventually, but the later the discovery was made, the greater the advantage the federal fleet would gain. On top of that, the Snow and Ice Battle God was feeling very indignant to have a spy sneak away from right under his nose.

"Come back, there's an unfathomably powerful being assisting that spy from the shadows." An authoritative voice rang out from within the comm

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