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In the midst of the Thousand Dragon Dance, countless giant white dragons were revolving around Tang Wulin, placing him under immense pressure, which was only mounting by the second. The most effective and suffocating way to defeat someone of a lower cultivation rank was to crush them with a superior domain.

If a Limit Douluo were to activate the domain actualization effect of their suit of four-word battle armor, they'd be able to crush any number of Hyper Douluos unless there were also four-word battle armor masters among them.

If it weren't for the soul missiles and other super soul weapons that humans had created, Limit Douluos would still be invincible beings in this world.

The pressure was becoming more and more severe; Tang Wulin could even hear his suit of three-word battle armor groaning and straining to keep the external pressure at bay. At this point, his battle armor domain had been compressed to a radius of only around four meters. Its golden color appeared to have become brighter, but in reality, this was a sign that the domain was on the verge of collapse.

En Ci wasn't taking advantage of this opportunity to attack Tang Wulin; he was clearly trying to force Tang Wulin into conceding without even raising a finger!

This was the power of a Limit Douluo.

Tang Wulin had once tried to attack Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue to experience the power of a Limit Douluo, but there was obviously no way that she would release her four-word battle armor and use her full power against him.

Only now, in the face of a Limit Douluo who was displaying the full extent of his power, did he truly realize just how fearsome a Limit Douluo was.

Was he going to have to use his final trump card now? But that was his only hope for victory! Seeing as this was a competition, he had never considered giving up without a fight. No matter who his opponent was, his ultimate objective was always to win. It seemed that victory was beginning to stray further and further away from him, but he was truly unwilling to accept this.

Was the debut battle of his Dragon Moon Song going to end in a crushing defeat? Was he really going to lose?

The Tyrant Dragon only possesses a hint of your bloodline, yet it's renowned as the unyielding soul spirit. You are the masters of violence and destruction; is a suit of three-word battle armor that's imbued with your aura really going to just concede like this?

As Tang Wulin raised these questions to himself, a series of subtle changes began to take place deep within him.

All of the spectators in the venue were astonished by the majestic sight of the Thousand Dragon Dance. The giant white dragons were soaring through the air while releasing peerlessly dazzling radiance, and even the spectators could sense the enormous pressure that they were giving off.

Tang Wulin resembled a tiny helpless raft in a violent turbulent ocean, looking as if it could capsize at any moment.

They had thought

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