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Was it over? Tang Wulin had gained the upper hand in the battle armor department, but this was a battle, after all, and the power disparity between the two combatants seemed to have decided the outcome of the match.

All of Shrek's Six Monsters, the Blood Dragon Squad, and the Smiling Douluo had risen to their feet with anxious looks in their eyes.

They were most concerned that Tang Wulin could've been severely wounded, or perhaps even...

In contrast, Gu Yuena remained completely calm and collected in the Spirit Pagoda booth. There was no way that an attack of that caliber could hope to destroy the body of the Golden Dragon King!

Just as an elated look had appeared on Zhang Geyang's face, a rumbling dragon's roar rang out, and in the next instant, the giant golden dragon rose up into the heavens from within the massive crater.

All of the crimson color that had appeared over its body had faded, but in the instant that it reared up, it began to radiate rainbow light, as well as a peerlessly authoritative aura.

A projection emerged from the golden dragon's body, and it was none other than Tang Wulin. However, the golden dragon was currently looking far more substantial, while Tang Wulin appeared to be more like an illusion.

Tang Wulin raised his right hand, yet the Golden Dragon Spear was no longer in his grasp. Instead, he reached out behind him as he cast his gaze toward En Ci in a solemn manner.

"All dragons must subject to my judgment!"

A giant white dragon appeared in mid-air, and it was writhing in pain and horror, trying to break free from something, but no matter how violently it struggled and thrashed, there seemed to be some type of invisible force that was locking it firmly into place.

A giant blade that was shimmering with rainbow light appeared in Tang Wulin's hand, and he slashed it toward the giant white dragon from afar.

An indescribable sense of peril instantly welled up in En Ci's heart. The Holy Dragon Breath he had just unleashed was a very powerful attack, and he could sense that Tang Wulin was completely unable to withstand it, so he had already planned to hold back thereafter, but much to his surprise, Tang Wulin had recovered almost instantly and was unleashing a fearsome attack of his own.

In the instant the giant blade had appeared in Tang Wulin's grasp, En Ci felt as if he had seen a vision depicting countless giant dragons of different shapes and forms slumping down onto the ground in submission. On top of that, he felt as if he had committed an inexcusable crime and was being escorted to his own execution.

In the instant the giant rainbow blade had appeared, an indescribable wail of anguish and an overwhelming sense of fear had welled up deep within his heart, causing his body to tremble uncontrollably.

This was not good!

He didn't know what type of ability Tang Wulin was currently using, but he instantly realized that this attack was powerful enough to pose a

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