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Of course, all confidence was relative; no matter how confident Tang Wulin, he didn't dare to say that he would definitely be able to defeat his opponent for today.

With the three consecutive victories he had already chalked up, the Star Luo Empire was definitely going to bring out the most powerful opponent to cut his streak short in this fourth match.

Dai Yun'er cast her gaze toward the rostrum and wondered to herself who was going to be representing the empire in this match. Even as the princess, this information was unavailable to her.

Apparently, Dai Tianling had stayed up very late the night before to discuss this matter with En Ci.

In any case, she was confident that Tang Wulin would win. At this point, her confidence in Tang Wulin was virtually blind and absolute. She was sure that Tang Wulin would be able to overcome any obstacle that stood in his way.

Dai Tianling only arrived at the sports stadium when there were only 10 minutes left until the commencement of the match, and this was the latest that he had arrived for any of the four matches.

He had indeed stayed up very late the night before, and it was truly because the empire couldn't afford to lose anymore. No one could've foreseen that the empire would lose three consecutive matches, and the powers displayed by Tang Wulin had astonished everyone, but even so, he shouldn't have been able to win three consecutive matches!

Zhang Geyang and Tong Yu's defeats could be attributed to extraordinary circumstances, but Huang Zhengyang had lost the first mecha battle purely because he didn't know enough about Tang Wulin and had underestimated him. At the time, Dai Tianling had chosen Huang Zhengyang as opposed to some other mecha pilot with greater combat prowess as he didn't want to embarrass the Tang Sect by crushing Tang Wulin.

However, the empire was now the one that was being thoroughly embarrassed instead, and as the one who had instigated this entire event, Dai Tianling was truly regretting his decision.

As such, he had to ensure that the empire won this match and recovered some of its dignity no matter what. He wasn't concerned about the final battle armor battle. There was no chance that Tang Wulin would be able to defeat En Ci, and even though there was no glory in sending out a Limit Douluo to defeat Tang Wulin, he had no choice.

En Ci was a Limit Douluo and a four-word battle armor master, which meant that he stood at the pinnacle of this world among a very exclusive group of powerful beings. No matter how powerful Tang Wulin was, there was still a massive gulf between them.

He was going to make sure that Tang Wulin was crushed in the final two matches!

Thinking back to the decision that he had made the night before, a faint smile appeared on Dai Tianling's face. Of course, this was a rather sinister smile. Even he felt himself to be a little sly and underhanded, but he had no other choice.

Of course, he didn't actually resent

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