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The light from the Great Five-elemental Divine Light Barrier and the Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre began to wane almost at the exact same moment, indicating that the energy being released by both sides was beginning to subside.

Everyone had their limit, even Limit Douluos. The Five-elemental Divine Arrow had pierced through the Dragon Emperor's shoulder, but having been weakened by the Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre, it hadn't managed to deal much damage to Tang Wulin. With Tang Wulin's self-regenerative ability, this match was far from over.

Were they still evenly matched?

At this point, Tang Wulin was already in a position where he couldn't lose, and the Smiling Douluo heaved an internal sigh of relief upon seeing this.

At the same time, he was filled with admiration toward this young sect master. Never did he think that Tang Wulin would still have such a powerful trump card hidden up his sleeve at this point in the battle; it was truly an incredible sight.

Just as everyone thought that both sides would run out of power, thereby leading to the battle reaching its endgame, an alarming turn of events suddenly unfolded.

Tong Yu raised his head, and in that instant, Tang Wulin suddenly discovered that the bright and piercing light in his eyes had suddenly dimmed. On top of that, they were filled with emotions of contentment and relief.

Before Tang Wulin had a chance to process this, the Great Five-elemental Divine Light Barrier around him suddenly crumbled away into the specks of five-colored light without any warning.

Thus, all impediment was abruptly lifted from Tang Wulin's Dragon Emperor Claws, and the power of his Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre instantly erupted forth in a frenzy.

The Dragon Emperor Claws pierced through the Five-elemental Qilin's chest in an instant, while also injecting the fearsome destructive power of the Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre into its body. The shimmering five-colored light around Tong Yu's body was immediately tinged with a hint of crimson.

This was not good!

Tang Wulin was very alarmed by this sudden turn of events, and he instantly unleashed his Time Reversal domain. However, in that instant, the Five-elemental Qilin suddenly raised its head and looked him square in the eyes.

In the face of Tong Yu's gaze, Tang Wulin was suddenly struck by an abrupt spiritual blow. At this point in the battle, he had actually already reached his limit as well, and both his spiritual power and soul power had been exhausted to the extreme. As such, the spiritual interference rendered him unable to completely manifest his Time Reversal domain.

At Tang Wulin's current level of power, he could only reverse time for an instant using his spiritual domain; reversing time any further would require far too much spiritual power expenditure.

"Boom!" Both of the enormous combatants plummeted to the ground almost at the exact same time, and cries of surprise rang out across the

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