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"However, he still didn't give up. He cultivated with everything that he had, and he believed that as long as he continued to work toward his dream, his efforts would come into fruition someday. That was all until that day..."

His voice suddenly trailed off here, and in that instant, even his body was beginning to tremble slightly.

In the image, the beautiful little girl had grown up to be around 18 to 19 years of age, and she was holding hands with a tall and handsome boy, while an elderly woman was standing before them. They were having a conversation, and the little boy, who had also grown up to be a young adult at this point, was watching them from a hidden corner.

"The little boy's mother had always been aware of just how much her son loved the little girl. She had tried to tell him that they weren't a good match, but he refused to listen. On that day, the little boy's mother was suddenly unable to find him, and she bumped into the little girl while searching for her son. She told the little girl that if she didn't return the little boy's feelings, then she should give him a clear rejection, but to do so in a way that wouldn't hurt him. As a mother, her greatest wish was for her son to grow up to be happy and healthy.

"Perhaps the little girl was trying to show the boy that she had nothing to do with the little boy; she told the little boy's mother that she had always seen him as nothing more than a dog, and that he was constantly sticking to her like an annoying bandage. She wanted nothing more than for the little boy to leave her alone, and after saying all those hurtful things, she departed with her boyfriend in an arrogant manner, leaving the little boy's mother behind to weep on her own."

The image transitioned alongside his story, and everyone's emotions were also being swayed. This sounded more like the pure yet tragic story of an ordinary little boy, rather than the story of a Limit Douluo.

"The little boy ran away like a madman. Later that day, it began to rain so heavily that it was almost impossible to see the path ahead. However, the little boy continued to run, and even he didn't know where he was. Never did he think that the little girl had seen him as nothing more than a dog, and his heart was completely broken. His young impulsive heart was filled with negative emotions, and he felt like he was a failure, a disgrace to his own family. He no longer wished to live, and he bought some insecticide to put an end to his own life." Tears were already streaming down Tong Yu's face at this point.

Even though so many years had passed, the recollection of these memories still brought him immense pain.

Tang Wulin was appraising Tong Yu from not far away while listening to his story, and he felt like he could empathize with Tong Yu's suffering. His relationship history wasn't as tragic as that of Tong Yu, but back then, he had also awakened a trash martial soul, and even the soul spirit he had obtained wa

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