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The last two vehicles were instantly inundated by those ghastly grey creatures, while the undead beings in front of the first vehicle parted to open up a path.

A figure appeared at the conclusion of the path, then slowly began to approach the first vehicle. He didn't appear to be moving very quickly, but his footsteps were very rhythmic, and he reached the site of the explosion in the blink of an eye.

He wore a suit of grey armor with a grey cape. The suit of armor was glittering and translucent, and it complemented his handsome facial features. He had a head of long black hair that trailed down his back, creating a stark contrast with his deathly pale face that was devoid of any color.

He was holding a thin and long sword that was also of a translucent grey color, just like his suit of armor, and there was a layer of grey light that was visible over the surface of the sword.

His suit of armor didn't include a helmet; there was only a rhomboid grey crystal on his forehead that was reflecting light in all directions with its countless facets.

No matter how one appraised him, he seemed more like a god of death from the infernal realm than a human being.

He gently slashed his grey sword through the air, and the fireball up ahead instantly split into two. His brows furrowed slightly as he sighed, "Rise up, beings of the infernal realm."

Bursts of grey flames instantly began to spread in all directions from his body, igniting all of the surrounding undead creatures and filling this grey world with an unsettling aura.

"I didn't think you were still alive, Infernal King Douluo Harosha." The Smiling Douluo's grim voice rang out, immediately following which a golden figure expanded drastically in size. In the blink of an eye, he had swelled to over 100 meters tall, and his bulging golden stomach created quite a sight to behold.

Harosha said in a cold voice, "A junior like you has no right to say my name."

He gently slashed his sword toward the Smiling Douluo as he spoke, and a blade manifested from a burst of grey flames instantly hurtled toward Hu Jie.

The blade wasn't very large, and it was completely insignificant in stature in the face of Hu Jie's gigantic martial soul true body, but Hu Jie immediately shot back like lightning as his expression darkened even further, not daring to take the attack head-on. He clasped his hands together before himself, then violently thrust his giant stomach forward. The grey blade vanished without a sound, but a layer of grey instantly appeared over Hu Jie's body, and his expression changed drastically as he rushed backward in an even more frantic manner.

He had already used his most powerful golden belly to withstand the attack, but he could still feel his own life force seeping away at a rapid rate, and even at a conservative estimate, his lifespan had been reduced by at least two years.

What kind of terrifying power was this?

This Infernal King Douluo truly d

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