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There were too many things that he had to do; he had to get back to the federation as soon as everything here was taken care of. With the weapons that the Tang Sect was going to supply to the Star Luo Empire, he was confident that the federation wouldn't dare to attack the empire without some careful consideration.

"Alright." Long Yuxue nodded in response while appraising him with a meaningful look in her eyes.

Looking at the young man before her, she couldn't help but feel as if she were in a dream. She could still remember the slightly downtrodden state that he had been in when he had first arrived at the Blood God Legion, but now, he was already close to standing at the pinnacle of this world.

Jiang Wuyue gently nudged her, and said in a hushed tone, "Isn't it painful to be looking at things that you can't have? Why don't you choose something that's readily available instead?"

"Shut up and eat your food!" All of the people present were powerful Soul Masters, so they had naturally heard what he had said. A deep blush immediately appeared on Long Yuxue's face, and she gave him a vicious glare while stomping firmly down onto his foot.

Amused looks appeared on everyone's faces, and Tang Wulin was also feeling rather awkward. He could only play dumb and pretend that he hadn't heard anything.

"What are your plans after today, Boss? Our battle against the Monster Eight Kings the other day was really anticlimactic; how about we arrange another sparring match after the Trial of Five Gods concludes? I'm sure Long Yue will participate this time," Xie Xie suggested in an eager voice.

Before Tang Wulin had a chance to reply, Yue Zhengyu interjected, "How are you so certain that Long Yue will be willing to participate? After seeing Captain's Trial of Five Gods, he probably doesn't even have the courage to challenge us anymore!"

Indeed, the powers that Tang Wulin had displayed during the Trial of Five Gods had already reached a level far beyond those of the Monster Eight Kings. In the face of such an outrageously powerful opponent, it really was difficult to muster up the courage to issue a challenge.

Tang Wulin smiled, and replied, "My plan is to cast aside all inhibitions."

Everyone exchanged several glances upon hearing this, and a smile appeared on Ye Xinglan's face as she said, "Sounds like a great plan; I'm really looking forward to seeing it in action."

The battle armor battle was going to be the most complete battle between Soul Masters, and it was the best opportunity for one to showcase their powers. Especially when faced with such a powerful opponent, each additional second that he managed to last was something for him to be proud of. Besides, he had already won all of the previous four matches in this Trial of Five Gods, and the deal between the Tang Sect and the Star Luo Empire was all but sealed. As such, all that was left for him to do was to cast aside all inhibitions and wholeheartedly enjoy this

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