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Tang Wulin turned to discover Gu Yuena standing in the corner with teary eyes, and his heart stirred as he immediately rushed over to her.

He looked at the lips that he had once kissed and the body that he had once held, and a sense of desire welled up in his heart. However, the notion that Na'er's soul was the one currently occupying this body made him rather hesitant and reserved.

"You still like her more, don't you?" Gu Yuena asked with a displeased pout.

Tang Wulin cleared his throat in a slightly awkward manner and dodged the question. "Why are you here? Did you follow me to the Star Luo Continent?"

Gu Yuena replied, "I'm here on behalf of the Spirit Pagoda. I didn't follow you here, but I knew that you had come here. Mistress finally made her breakthrough; I'm so happy for her."

Tang Wulin sighed, "She still really misses you."

Gu Yuena also heaved a faint sigh. "I deceived her and Teacher; I no longer have the courage to meet her again, and I don't know what identity I should present to her. I heard your conversation just now; Mistress really is the kindest person in this world. I'm really glad that you asked her to become your godmother; she's always really wanted a child of her own."

Tang Wulin nodded in response before answering Gu Yuena's original question. "There are too many people outside, and I would risk exposing everyone else by traveling with them, so I'm leaving on my own."

Gu Yuena said, "I came to see you to advise you to take extra care and travel with everyone else if possible. Zhang Geyang isn't just going to let you off the hook after you took his soul spirit, and Qiangu Dongfeng has also taken an interest in you. After finding out that you and Gu Yue were once classmates, he asked me to tell him everything I know about you, so you should be very careful when you get back to the federation."

Tang Wulin's heart stirred upon hearing this. "Is the Spirit Pagoda really fully colluding with the Holy Spirit Cult?"

Gu Yuena shook her head in response. "I'm not sure; only Qiangu Dongfeng's most trusted subordinates know the answer to that question. However, I trust that everything you saw was real. As for the extent of their collusion and their joint objective, that's beyond me. Of course, on the surface, the Holy Spirit Cult has nothing to do with the Spirit Pagoda. Over in the federation, the Spirit Pagoda has been heavily impacted by the recent controversy. In contrast, the Tang Sect is gaining a lot of support, and your performance during this Trial of Five Gods is further contributing to that trend."

Tang Wulin nodded before asking, "Do you know what the situation is like with the federal military? When are they planning to deploy their troops?"

"I'm not sure. The federation has made this information strictly confidential, and the entire eastern coast is currently under lockdown; I doubt even Qiangu Dongfeng knows when the military is planning to deploy its troops. What's con

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