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"His teacher came. It was his teacher who saved him, but he was deprived of his suit of three-word battle armor and lived a life of imprisonment in the academy. In reality, he didn't want to continue living as there was no point for him. However, he gradually came to realize that he still had two wishes that he had yet to fulfill. He still recalled that the little girl had said that her future lover was going to stand at the pinnacle of this entire world. Even though she was already dead, he had to reach that pinnacle to prove that she had made the wrong choice.

"Hence, he began to cultivate with all his might from that day forth, and he finally reached that level after over 20 years. Today, he stands here before all of you. He had hoped to serve the empire with his powers, but he's unable to fulfill that wish as there's something more important that he must do, which is repent. I don't know if that child is watching this match; you should be well into adulthood at this point. Yes, I killed your mother; I apologize to you and repent with my life. I hope that my death can put your heart at ease.

"In order to repent, I'll also be leaving to you the essence that I've been cultivating all my life in the hope that it can assuage some of your pain. I don't expect you to forgive me; all I want to tell you is to discard the hatred in your heart and pursue the light."

Tong Yu expelled a ball of five-colored light out of his mouth as he spoke. This was a dazzling five-colored bead, and it flew directly toward En Ci as a streak of red light.

En Ci raised his hand to accept the bead, but he did so with a very strained expression. This was Tong Yu's Five-elemental Qilin Bead, and it was the manifestation of all of the vital essence that Tong Yu had accumulated during his cultivation to the Limit Douluo level.

It was exactly because he had manifested this Five-elemental Qilin Bead that he had displayed powers far below his normal standard, and failed to defend himself against Tang Wulin's final attack in the end.

"I'm sorry, Teacher. I'm doing this today to tell everyone the truth. The academy hasn't protected me unfairly, and I can't allow the reputation of the academy to be tarnished because of me. After 27 years, I've finally had a chance to repent for my crime and restore the academy's reputation. I no longer owe anyone anything in this world."

After that, Tong Yu sat down onto the ground with his legs crossed, and the destructive light emanating from his body faded along with his aura.

During the third match of the Trial of Five Gods, Tang Wulin had won, while his opponent, Tong Yu, had perished. The entire empire was in shock.


If this were a best-of-five trial, then Tang Wulin would've already secured an unassailable lead. Even though it was required of Tang Wulin to win all five matches to truly secure victory in the Trial of Five Gods, in the hearts of all of the Tang Sect disciples, their sect master ha

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