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At the Spirit Pagoda headquarters of the Douluo Federation.

Qiangu Dongfeng sat on the main seat with a dark expression. "How are we handling this PR crisis? Are there still any media outlets saying undesirable things about us?"

A middle-aged man seated near the rear of the conference chamber replied in a respectful manner, "We've established control over all of the mainstream media outlets, but the Tang Sect's declaration of war was too abrupt, and we didn't anticipate the scope to which they've infiltrated the media. Despite our best efforts, there's still a lot of negative press about us circulating among the general public. Furthermore..."

"That's enough." Qiangu Dongfeng cut him off in an abrupt manner. He had been under a lot of pressure of late. The Spirit Pagoda was currently extremely powerful and had many allies, but the problem was that the Tang Sect was incriminating them by linking them to the Holy Spirit Cult. The Holy Spirit Cult had caused several major disasters in the Douluo Federation, including the bombings of Shrek City and Heaven Dou City. As such the general public abhorred anything that had to do with the Holy Spirit Cult.

What was most damning to the Spirit Pagoda was that with the close ties that the Tang Sect now shared with the Dou Spirit Empire, they had obtained a lot of evidence from the empire and exposed the underground facility beneath the Spirit Pagoda headquarters. The information had even been available for the public viewing for an entire day on the Star Battle Net before the Spirit Pagoda managed to remove it. As a result, many powers in the federation, including some of the Spirit Pagoda's allies, had developed suspicions toward them.

There was no way that any of their allies would accept their collaboration with the Holy Spirit Cult. Hence, even with his lofty status in the federation, Qiangu Dongfeng was under immense pressure.

This matter had to be addressed no matter what, but the problem was that the negative press only seemed to be gaining traction, and the Tang Sect had played an important role in this.

Even Qiangu Dongfeng himself had become too complacent. Ever since the Tang Sect had withdrawn into the underground world, it had become a shadow of its former self, and many people were drawn to the conclusion that it no longer had any substantial influence.

As such, when the Tang Sect secured all of this evidence and began their retaliation, the Spirit Pagoda was caught completely off guard.

At the root of the matter, Tang Wulin was the one who had set things into motion. He had destroyed the Spirit Pagoda headquarters, as well as the long-distance communication system in the headquarters. In the Dou Spirit Empire, there weren't many pieces of technology that could facilitate intercontinental communication. As such, by the time the Spirit Pagoda managed to find a way to contact the Douluo Federation, three days had already passed.

During those three days, th

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