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From the initial clash to being suppressed by En Ci's domain, followed by a sequence of retaliation; throughout this entire process, Tang Wulin had constantly been bordering on his physical limits.

He had taken En Ci's attack, withstood the enormous impact, then unleashed a devastating retaliation. He had used his Golden Blood Dragon domain, Dragonslaying Saber, Millennium White Clouds; he had given everything he had to give, and in the end, he had finally heard the voice that he hadn't even dared to imagine that he would be able to hear.

En Ci stood on the spot, looking as if he had lost his soul. He was also panting, but his panting stemmed more so from fear.

Of course, even though his abilities had been temporarily sealed, he would still have been able to withstand Tang Wulin's attacks with his Limit Douluo level powers.

However, Tang Wulin wasn't even attacking him; he was warping time instead. En Ci instantly realized what Tang Wulin was doing. He could retaliate following Tang Wulin's attack and even kill him on the spot, but he could clearly sense that if he were to be struck by Tang Wulin's attack, then his life force would definitely sharply decline. At the very least, he would lose three years of his lifespan.

For a young man, perhaps that wouldn't be too daunting a prospect, but for an old man like himself who was standing at the pinnacle of the continent, three years was far too precious to be thrown away.

The Golden Blood Dragon domain had been a pleasant surprise for Tang Wulin, the Dragonslaying Saber was the "present" that Tang Wulin had prepared for En Ci, but Millennium White Clouds was the true key that gave him a chance of victory.

Everything he had done during this battle was building up to an opportunity where he would be able to unleash Millennium White Clouds.

If En Ci had access to his suit of battle armor, there was no way that Tang Wulin would've been able to use his Millennium White Clouds in its complete form with such a massive power disparity between them.

If En Ci had access to his martial soul, then he'd have countless ways of escaping out of the scope of Millennium White Clouds.

However, when he had nothing at his disposal, he didn't dare to face the test of time.

In the face of such a terrifying threat, he had made a split-second decision to be selfish. This was only to be expected, and it was simply a part of human nature.

Even if Dai Tianling had the ability to make the decision in En Ci's stead, he would've also conceded the match. Three years of En Ci's life was more important than the glory of the empire, particularly when a war was imminent.

The entire stadium had fallen deathly silent.

It was over. The final battle armor match of the Trial of Five Gods was over, and Tang Wulin was the victor!

He had done it! He had defeated an entire empire on his own through this Trial of Five Gods!

No one had been optimistic about his chances, not even hi

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