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En Ci had already explained why he had conceded at the end, and Dai Tianling didn't blame him as there was no point in playing the blame game at this point. The support of the Holy Dragon Douluo was far too important to the imperial family, so he didn't even dare to voice any dissatisfaction toward this teacher of his.

What could he do next? How could he reverse this situation?

They had to fulfill their promise to the Tang Sect, but how should they react if a war really were to break out? Were the weapons that the Tang Sect was going to supply really going to be enough to intimidate the federal military?

All of these problems were giving Dai Tianling a massive headache, and the most concerning issue of all was how he was going to minimize the impact this Trial of Five Gods had on his rule over the empire.

"Knock knock knock." The sound of gentle door-knocking suddenly rang out.

"Come in," Dai Tianling said as he opened his eyes.

There was only one person who would dare to disrupt him while he was thinking in his study.

Dai Yun'er poked her head into the room and took a look at Dai Tianling before calling out in a hesitant manner, "Father."

A sense of warmth suddenly welled up in Dai Tianling's heart at the sight of her careful display. Regardless of what situation he was in, he still had his children by his side.

One of the things that he was most proud of was that his children weren't displaying any signs of a power struggle. He didn't know if there were something different going on beneath the surface, but at the very least, everything appeared to be very peaceful and harmonious for now.

"Come in. Since when did you become so timid?"

Only after seeing Dai Tianling's smile did a smile appeared on Dai Yun'er's face as well, and she said, "I was worried that you would be in a bad mood, so I came to see you."

"You knew I was in a bad mood?" Dai Tianling asked as he put on an expression of faux chagrin.

Dai Yun'er giggled, "Alright, I know it's all my fault. If I hadn't been so determined to marry Tang Wulin, you wouldn't have been enraged to the point of instigating this Trial of Five Gods, and none of this would've happened."

A hint of surprise appeared on Dai Tianling's face. "Oh? Since when did you become so modest and willing to take on responsibilities? Are you still the Dai Yun'er that we all know?"

"Father!" Dai Yun'er pouted as she said in an indignant voice, "I never run away from my responsibilities! I'm your daughter, so it's only right that I carry some of our imperial family's responsibilities."

"Alright, tell me why you came to see me." Dai Tianling cut straight to the chase.

"Why do I need a reason to see you? Can't I just pay you a visit because I miss you?"

Dai Tianling pursed his lips in an unconvinced manner. "I know my own daughter; you wouldn't come to see me without a reason. I always have to be the one to call you to me if I want to see you."


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