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Chu Tiange swung his longsword around as he stood in mid-air, and his breathing had just evened out as he recovered from the impacts of the hammer blows he had been forced to endure earlier. However, he quickly discovered that the world around him seemed to have changed.

The sky was falling!

Of course, the sky wasn't really falling, but in this instant, he felt as if the sky were falling. All of a sudden, his body was plunged into free fall, and he plummeted straight out of the sky.

Immediately thereafter, a pillar of dazzling golden light erupted up toward the falling Chu Tiange. The golden light struck him with unerring accuracy, and in the next instant, Tang Wulin had already appeared before him. At this moment, he was wielding a snowy white spear, the tip of which was pressing against the blade of Chu Tiange's longsword, which he had been forced to use as a shield against Tang Wulin's attack.


The longsword was snapped, and Chu Tiange threw up a mouthful of blood. The white spear stopped just short of his throat, and Tang Wulin could easily take Chu Tiange's life is he so pleased.

Everything had happened far too quickly, to the extent that the spectators had been left reeling.

From the moment Tang Wulin had discarded his hammer to the instant that he defeated Chu Tiange, only several seconds had passed. All of the meticulous plans and preparations that Tang Wulin had made during the past few days came into fruition in this instant.

Tang Wulin had secured victory in this fourth weapons battle of the Trial of Five Gods!

Tang Wulin supported Chu Tiange with one hand while holding his spear in the other as he descended onto the ground. He placed the deathly pale Chu Tiange down onto the ground beside him and gave him a nod before taking a few steps backward.

The entire stadium had been stunned into silence. How could they not be stunned? Everything had happened in what seemed to be nothing more than the blink of an eye.

On the rostrum, even the smile on the Smiling Douluo's face had faded, and En Ci was sitting bolt upright as he stared intently at the white spear in Tang Wulin's hand.

The spear had runes flashing all over its surface, and it was giving off an indescribable aura. It was only a spear, but it was like the tallest, most insurmountable peak on the entire Douluo Star.

The average spectator didn't know what the spear was, but all the powerful beings present who were at or above the Titled Douluo level were certainly aware of what it was.

En Ci murmured to himself in a slightly strained voice, "That's the Divine Atlas Spear!"

Chu Tiange was also staring blankly at Tang Wulin, as well as at the divine spear that he had just been defeated by. There was no disappointment or pain in his eyes, only a sense of indescribable yearning and inspiration.

"Thank you," he said as he extended a slight bow toward Tang Wulin, then turned to depart.

He was thanking Tang Wulin f

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