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Tang Wulin said, "I'm going to be leaving in a few days, but before I leave, I want to spar with the seniors here in the Star Luo Empire. I've already invited Senior Huang Zhengyang and Senior Chu Tiange for a mecha battle and weapons battle, respectively; would you be interested in sparring with me as well before I leave?"

Long Yue's eyes immediately lit up. "That's exactly what I was hoping for!"

This Trial of Five Gods had benefited Tang Wulin immensely; even he was stunned by his rate of progression under such intense pressure.

He hadn't battled Huang Zhengyang and Chu Tiange to his heart's content, so he wanted to spar with them again to consolidate the benefits he had reaped from the Trial of Five Gods, as well as to learn new things.

Without this Trial of Five Gods acting as a platform for him, it would've been quite difficult to find such powerful beings to challenge. However, now that he had such an opportunity and could directly contact these sparring partners, he naturally wasn't going to pass up the chance.

If he could spar with Long Yue as well, then that would be even better. Long Yue was already a Titled Douluo, and in terms of martial souls, his Mountain Dragon King ranked even above that of En Ci's Holy Radiant Dragon. He was the one with the most potential to become a Limit Douluo among the younger generation of the Star Luo Empire, and back when they had last battled, Long Yue had exerted immense pressure upon him.

In the end, he had only been able to just barely secure victory with Gu Yuena's assistance. Even though he was already far different from how he had been all those years ago, Long Yue had also made drastic improvements.

If these three sparring matches could be arranged before his departure, then he would definitely be able to reap many benefits during his meditation on the return journey.

Now that Tang Wulin had achieved complete mastery of the Body Sect's congenital secret method, enjoyed an increase in his cultivation rank, received the Holy Spirit Douluo's Divine Blessing, and activated his three-word battle armor's Golden Blood Dragon domain, he had undergone a drastic transformation.

Prior to the Trial of Five Gods, he would only just barely be able to keep up with a Titled Douluo, but now, he would at least be able to put up a good fight against most Hyper Douluos.

It took most Soul Masters at least five to 10 years to get from the Titled Douluo level to the Hyper Douluo level, but it had taken Tang Wulin less than half a year.

Most importantly, he was still only a Soul Douluo, which meant that he would undoubtedly undergo another drastic transformation once he became a Titled Douluo.

Tang Wulin had already planned to engage in a series of sparring matches over the surface of the ocean during their return journey. He was trying to improve himself by creating high-pressure environments, and he hoped to do the same for his friends. The return journey was going to

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