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Prior to the commencement of the first match of the Trial of Five Gods, he had been very nervous. His opponent during that match was Huang Zhengyang, a man whose cultivation rank wasn't particularly exceptional, but his mecha piloting skills were truly incredible.

That match had actually been a very perilous one for Tang Wulin. If it weren't for the fact that Huang Zhengyang didn't know much about him, it wouldn't have been easy for him to secure that victory.

After that came the second match. Overall, Zhang Geyang's soul spirits were more powerful than his, and he had been completely dominated. Zhang Geyang had two 100,000-year-old soul spirits, the most powerful plant system soul spirit in the form of the Infernal Lightning Vine, and his bonded soul spirit, the Infernal Flame Beast, all of which were extremely powerful. If it weren't for Tang Wulin's special status as the Son of Nature and the Infernal Lightning Vine's discontent with Zhang Geyang, he would've lost that match.

If the Tang Sect Master had been defeated by the vice-chairman of the Spirit Pagoda, no one would mention the age disparity between the two; it would simply have been treated as a victory for the Spirit Pagoda over the Tang Sect. That match had been an extremely high-pressure affair.

Following those two consecutive victories, the pressure on him was lessened slightly, but his opponents only became even more powerful. Never did Tang Wulin think that he would face a Limit Douluo for the third match. If it weren't for the extraordinary circumstances that Tong Yu had been facing, he would've lost that battle as well.

Even though he had secured the victory in the end, that had been an extremely grueling battle. Tong Yu's Five-elemental Divine Arrow had threatened his life on several occasions, and even though Tong Yu's powers had been limited to the Hyper Douluo level at the time, a Limit Douluo with handicapped powers was naturally incomparable to an actual Hyper Douluo.

In the end, Tong Yu had exhausted his power from manifesting that Qilin Bead, and only then was Tang Wulin able to earn a victory by the thinnest of margins. If Tong Yu had been able to continue to battle even in his handicapped state, the outcome of that match could've swung in either direction.

That hard-fought victory had been a huge relief for Tang Wulin, and after saving Tong Yu's life, he had been in a very good mood. This was the first time that he had experienced such joy ever since he had come here.

The fourth match pitted him against the weapons master, Weeping Blood Douluo Chu Tiange. In reality, if Chu Tiange hadn't used that Vajra Bracelet, Tang Wulin was prepared to engage him in a fair battle with his Golden Dragon Spear to hone his spear techniques. Unfortunately, the emperor had decided to play a trick on him and forced Chu Tiange to use the Vajra Bracelet to strip him of his Golden Dragon Spear. As such, he was forced to resort to his backup plan, using his

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