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En Ci cast a meaningful glance at him and heaved a forlorn internal sigh. Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect were still far superior to Monster Academy in terms of cultivating talent. Only organizations with staggering foundations such as Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect could give rise to a freakish prodigy like Tang Wulin.

Following the conclusion of that astonishing third match, Tang Wulin had brought the Holy Spirit Douluo to the scene. In terms of healing abilities, no one in the Star Luo Empire, or even the entire Douluo Star, could compare with her.

The Holy Spirit Douluo had immediately repressed the dissipation of Tong Yu's soul, forcing it to remain in his body before taking him directly back to the Tang Sect for treatment.

Thankfully, all Limit Douluos had exceptional life force, so it was not that easy for them to die. On top of that, Tong Yu was only around 70 years of age, which was a prime age for Limit Douluos where they were at the height of their life force.

In that final instant during the match, Tang Wulin had held back with his right hand to prevent his own destructive aura from completely erupting within Tong Yu's body. As such, Tong Yu's life was saved, and during the process, that Five-elemental Qilin Bead was also fused back into his body.

Yali had borrowed a drop of Tang Wulin's blood to activate the divine beast Qilin bloodline within Tong Yu's body, thereby kicking off the self-regeneration process. As for whether he would be able to make a full recovery, that would be decided during the next few days.

"I'll be taking my leave to prepare for tomorrow's match, then, Your Majesty." Tang Wulin bade farewell to En Ci before returning to his own room.

There wasn't enough time in what remained of the night for him to digest the benefits he had reaped from his battle against Tong Yu. His top priority now was to recover to his peak physical condition for the fourth match.

Among the three matches that had already passed, this third one was the one that he had benefited the most from. Even though Tong Yu had been significantly weakened due to his manifestation of that Qilin Bead, his battle experience and utilization of soul power were all on a Limit Douluo level. Otherwise, Tang Wulin wouldn't have had such a hard time battling a Soul Master who barely possessed Hyper Douluo level powers.

The battle had lasted around an hour, and he had completely exhausted himself in all aspects. In the end, he had only managed to secure victory as the Qilin Douluo had run out of power, so he had been very fortunate. If the Qilin Douluo had fought him at his full power, Tang Wulin would've had no chance at all.

A relatively uneventful night passed by, and by the next day, the battle that had taken place the day before had become the hot topic on everyone's lips. The name of Qilin Douluo Tong Yu had also spread throughout the entire Star Luo Empire.

He wasn't a hero, nor was he a criminal. As was often

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