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Ling Chen immediately drew closer and thrust his short sticks toward Xu Lizhi's chest.

Was it already over?

Just as most of the Battle Gods thought that Xu Lizhi would lose this match even before he had released his martial soul, a ball of light suddenly began to glow in front of Xu Lizhi's chest.

A resounding clang rang out, and it was Ling Chen that was forced back. He felt as if his short sticks had struck an impregnable fortress. A smile appeared on Xu Lizhi's face as a string of soul rings emerged from beneath his feet, and at the same time, a huge cuirass was revealed to have appeared in front of his chest.

This was a piece of battle armor, and it was shaped... like a stuffed bun!

Indeed, this stuffed-bun-shaped cuirass was quite comical in appearance, but the faint rainbow light it was radiating clearly indicated that it was a piece of four-word battle armor!

How was it possible that both members of Shrek's Seven Monsters who had appeared in battle thus far possessed pieces of four-word battle armor? Since when was it that four-word battle armor had become so common?

One had to realize that Zhen Hua was essentially retired from heavenly refinement.

In addition to the pieces of four-word battle armor displayed by Shrek’s Seven Monsters during Shrek Academy's enrollment day, it was clear that the rumors about Tang Wulin being a Divine Blacksmith were true.

Due to his physical health, Zhen Hua's heavenly refinement success rate was very low, and he barely ever took heavenly refinement jobs now. Thus, the emergence of a new and outrageously young Divine Blacksmith was undoubtedly going to shake the entire Soul Master world.

To put it in simpler terms, if Tang Wulin were willing to make some concessions, they would even agree to protect him and escort him safely out of the Central Legion.

No one wanted to offend a Divine Blacksmiths, especially high-grade Soul Masters. After all, who didn't want a suit of four-word battle armor? Four-word battle armor masters were definitely the most powerful beings in the Soul Master world.

Even though Guan Yue was only a quasidemigod, he would be able to contend with a quasigod provided that his opponent didn't have a suit of four-word battle armor, and that was sufficient testament to just how incredible suits of four-word battle armor were.

"Don't judge a stuffed bun by its folds!" Xu Lizhi finally had a chance to release his martial soul. A total of nine soul rings emerged from beneath his feet, all of which were black!

Xu Lizhi had consumed the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb, thereby disqualifying him from fusing with a 100,000-year-old soul spirit, but the benefits brought to him by the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb were definitely not inferior to those provided by a 100,000-year-old soul spirit.

That's right, Xu Lizhi was already a Titled Douluo. He had made the breakthrough not long ago, and this was made even more extraordinary by the fact t

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