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This was because the academy had discovered that he had a massive problem, which was his bloodlust.

During his youth, Yun Tianheng's family had been struck by misfortune, leading him to develop a very twisted and introverted personality. He rarely communicated with anyone, and his problems weren't very apparent when he first entered the academy. On the surface, he seemed to be a driven and hard-working young man.

However, his true nature was revealed during an incident, leading to his expulsion.

By the time Yun Tianheng left Shrek Academy, his cultivation rank was already very high, but due to the fact that Shrek Academy had confiscated his battle armor and had expelled him, he had been reduced to a normal Soul Master, and a very unpopular one, at that.

After that, he joined the Spirit Pagoda, and that was when he had begun forging his notorious reputation.

He was the first person to lay waste to the entire elementary Spirit Ascension Plane.

According to the rules of the elementary Spirit Ascension Plane, there was a time limit, but he somehow managed to bypass that time limit, and apparently, he had done so through bribing the employees at the Spirit Pagoda.

After that, he cultivated for an entire year in the elementary Spirit Ascension Plane. During that year, he slew almost all of the soul beasts in the elementary Spirit Ascension Plane in order to enhance his own soul spirits, and he had even targeted the other Soul Masters that entered the elementary Spirit Ascension Plane. Among those Spirit Ascension Planes, many of them were horrifically tortured before being killed by him, and after returning to the real world, all of them developed severe mental problems.

There were people who theorized that it was quite possible that Yun Tianheng had been allowed to stay in the Spirit Ascension Plane by the Spirit Pagoda in order to prevent other Soul Masters from being able to stay in there for too long. However, after this was exposed, the Spirit Pagoda announced that this was an error on their part, and that all of the employees involved had been fired.

After that, Yun Tianheng had participated in several federal culls of sea soul beasts, slaying countless sea soul beasts with his battle axes.

As for whether he had ever killed any people, that was a mystery, but he was definitely a dangerous strike weapon for the Spirit Pagoda. In the Spirit Pagoda, his role was that of an enforcer. As for what laws he was enforcing, that was something that only the Spirit Pagoda knew.

The Spirit Pagoda had sent out such a notorious figure for the first battle, clearly with the intention of giving Shrek Academy a beatdown from the get-go.

At this point, both of them had already reached an altitude of over 300 meters, and Yun Tianheng lashed out first, hurling the battle ax in his right hand directly toward Lan Muzi with devastating force.

All of a sudden, a vast expanse of red mist appeared in the sky, and a fero

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