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Qiangu Dongfeng's brows furrowed slightly as he said, "Don't you think she communicated a bit too much with Tang Wulin on the final day of the joust for a spouse event? I feel like there's something going on between them."

Qiangu Zhangting faltered slightly upon hearing this. "What do you mean, Grandfather?"

Qiangu Dongfeng replied, "I'm wondering if Na'er's heart really lies with you."

"Of course it does! Didn't she crush that bastard already? I had no idea she was that powerful; this is why I have to work even harder in my cultivation! If you ask me, Na'er's powers are most likely close to the Limit Douluo level; this is fantastic news for us!"

A serious look appeared on Qiangu Dongfeng's face, and he continued, "That's why you have to pay even more attention to your grasp on her. Have you really captured her heart? Does she really love you? Trust me when I say this: there was something different about the way she looked at Tang Wulin on that day. If there were nothing going on between them, that wouldn't have been her reaction."

A disdainful look appeared on Qiangu Zhangting's face. "That's just a completely unrequited love from him. Na'er is so exceptional, it's only normal that she attracts others. Didn't you see how cold Na'er was toward him?"

Qiangu Dongfeng sighed, "Foolish boy, it's exactly because of how cold and aloof Na'er was that I'm concerned. Don't you understand? You're allowing yourself to be blinded to the truth."

Qiangu Zhangting protested, "I think you're the one that's blind to the truth. Na'er has told me that I'm the only one she loves, and that she'll marry me once all this turmoil subsides; what's there to be worried about?"

Qiangu Dongfeng asked, "Alright, then how far have you gone with Na'er? Have you had physical relations with her yet? If you want to claim her heart, you have to claim her body first. My concerns would be erased once you've had physical relations with her; having a child with her would be even better."

Qiangu Zhangting blushed slightly upon hearing this. "What are you saying, Grandfather? Na'er and I share a very pure relationship. We're only going to do the deed on the day of our marriage."

"You're an idiot!" Qiangu Dongfeng slapped a palm over his own forehead as he sighed, "Have you been brainwashed by her? Nothing is truly yours until you claim it; why don't you understand? Besides, how do you even know if Na'er is as pure as you think?"

A surprised look appeared on Qiangu Zhangting's face. "How could you say that about Na'er, Grandfather? You weren't like this in the past!"

Qiangu Dongfeng harrumphed coldly, "That's because Na'er couldn't pose any threat back then, but she's different now; her reputation has almost even exceeded my own, and the power she displayed is different from what we saw in the past. Truth be told, even your great-grandfather admits that her combat prowess is already comparable to that of a Limit Douluo. I don't care what y

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