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Wu Zhangkong was already a Hyper Douluo, so he would have no issues handling a suit of four-word battle armor. Not only had his rate of progress not slowed down since he became a Titled Douluo, it had sped up instead, and that was why he had been able to become a Hyper Douluo in such a short time.

Yali told Tang Wulin that it was as if Wu Zhangkong had been reawakened by that explosion, and his thirst for vengeance had sparked a new flame in his once-dead heart.

Aside from the two Limit Douluos of the academy, he was the only teacher that remained.

All of the other teachers had sacrificed themselves for him and the students; what excuse did he have to continue wallowing in his own grief?

Following that disaster, Wu Zhangkong had decided that his life now belonged to the academy rather than himself. His cultivation aptitude was very exceptional to begin with, and after making this decision, his progress had been rapid.

It was imperative to complete the three suits of four-word battle armor as quickly as possible as this had something to do with the "good news" that Wu Zhangkong had brought back.

The battle armor for the two Limit Douluos and Wu Zhangkong naturally couldn't be crafted using just one type of metal. The goal that Tang Wulin had set for himself was to craft the suits of battle armor out of four-metal alloys, which was the upper limit of his current capabilities.

At his current success rate, it would take three months to complete all of the metals required for the three suits of battle armor.

Lodging had already been organized for the Yuanen Family in the form of a new apartment built around a kilometer away from the main school buildings of the academy.

The entire academy was ecstatic to see two more Limit Douluos join their ranks, particularly because these two Limit Douluos were absolutely trustworthy. In addition to that, the Yuanen Family also had two Hyper Douluos and five Titled Douluos, which was an extremely formidable lineup anywhere on the continent.

Most importantly, the entire family had chosen to ally itself with Shrek Academy.

At the same time, all of the members of the Yuanen Family had immense potential for improvement. Once all of the powerful beings at the Titled Douluo or above among their ranks received their suits of high-grade battle armor, the entire family would be elevated to new heights. With the addition of the Yuanen Family, Shrek City was finally able to establish itself. After all, even the Spirit Pagoda didn't have that many Limit Douluos among its ranks!

Among the powerful beings of the Yuanen Family, only Yuanen Tiandang, Yuanen Tianshang, and three other Titled Douluos became teachers of the academy. The others, including Yuanen Zhentian, were already quite old and not suited to undertaking teaching responsibilities.

Construction for the apartment allocated to the Yuanen Family had already commenced, and it had been named the Titan Spire. Judging b

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