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All of the students and parents down below were horrified by these ghastly howls. Their souls were trembling in their bodies, and they felt as if their minds were about to fall apart.

Right at this moment, a burst of holy music rang out, and a layer of white light spread through the area, encompassing all of the students and parents within it.

All of them were struck by a sense of warmth and comfort, as if they were basking in their mother's embrace. This wonderful feeling created a stark contrast with the horror they had experienced just a moment ago.

This holy light had naturally come from none other than Yali, and Qiangu Dongfeng's eyes narrowed slightly upon seeing this.

Had she consolidated her Limit Douluo cultivation rank this quickly? After completing this consolidation process, she would be a true demigod.

It would be extremely difficult to take a further step from there, but demigods already stood at the pinnacle of the continent.

Furthermore, the Holy Spirit Douluo was undoubtedly the number one healer on the entire planet with no competition!

Even Qiangu Dongfeng didn't want to make an enemy of Yali unless it was absolutely necessary, and the reason for that was very simple: who didn't have family or friends? If a loved one were to suffer an ailment or injury that was extremely difficult to cure or recover from, only Yali would be able to help them.

As such, if there were one person that Qiangu Dongfeng was most reluctant to target, then Yali definitely topped the list.

A Limit Douluo level healing system Soul Master could virtually ensure the survival of everyone in Shrek Academy regardless of what grievous injuries they suffered.

In the face of Yun Tianheng's full-power strike, a serious look had appeared on Lan Muzi's face.

The pair of battle axes expanded drastically to over five meters in length in the blink of an eye as they flew through the air, and one of them was rotating in a clockwise direction, while the other was revolving in an anti-clockwise fashion.

Bloodlust Battle Aura was surging into the axes in a frenzy, and they were hurtling through the air like a pair of crimson tornados, accompanied by waves of ghastly howls and despairing wails.

Yun Tianheng's sixth soul ring had lit up, and under normal circumstances, his sixth soul skill wouldn't be that powerful, but it was currently being enhanced by his suit of three-word battle armor.

Yun Tianheng was currently a rank 95 Hyper Douluo, and having hailed from Shrek Academy, his combat prowess was superior to that of even the average Hyper Douluo. Now that he was being enhanced by his battle armor, his offensive power was truly formidable.

All of a sudden, Lan Muzi began to move rapidly through the air as if he had broken into a dance. The reddish-golden light around him suddenly brightened significantly, then abruptly exploded before compressing into a series of tiny black dots that resembled flies.

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