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The parent led the child over to the door of light with a confused expression, and the door seemed to be releasing some type of profound force of attraction, urging him to step into it almost in an involuntary manner.

As soon as they strode into the door, they immediately disappeared, and the young man explained, "Those who we deem to be especially talented must go through that door to a special registration area. That place is similar to our Spirit Pagoda's Myriad Beast Plane, so there's no need to be concerned. Alright, next."

Thus, everything continued to move along.

The reporters were naturally able to see what was happening, but they also thought that this had been organized by the Spirit Pagoda. After all, none of the employees from the Spirit Pagoda were saying anything.

Registration was also under way for Shrek Academy, and even though the benefits offered by Spirit Academy were very alluring, Shrek Academy was still the legendary number one academy on the continent, and many parents, especially those who were Shrek Academy alumni themselves, were still full of reverence for this sacred institution.

Even though Shrek Academy had been destroyed, not a single student had perished despite the godslayer missiles that had been unleashed; how could one not trust an academy like this?

As such, even though there were less registrants at Shrek Academy, the overall quality was still higher than the registrants at Spirit Academy. Spirit Academy was doing its best to sway people over to their side, but their efforts weren't bearing much fruit.

In Spirit Academy.

"Principal, our sources tell us that there are still a lot of registrants at Shrek Academy, and our scouts say that they've seen at least four registrants with soul power in excess of rank 20."

Qiangu Zhangting's brows immediately furrowed upon hearing this. "Are these people idiots? What's so good about Shrek Academy? They won't even get soul spirits in the future."

The employee didn't respond. In reality, everyone knew that the reputation Shrek Academy had forged itself over the span of 20,000 years couldn't be erased in a short time.

No matter what Spirit Academy did, it was unrealistic to expect everyone to turn on Shrek Academy.

"Should we take some other measures?" the employee asked in a low voice.

A cold light flashed through Qiangu Zhangting's eyes as he instructed, "Send them out; let's see how Shrek Academy deals with them. They want to collaborate with us, so they'll have to put in some work. Keep a close eye on the situation; make sure to constantly cause problems for Shrek Academy."


Shortly thereafter, a group of around a dozen mechas suddenly detached itself from the rest of the 300 mechas and flew toward Shrek Academy.

A voice then rang out across the entirety of Shrek Academy through the use of a voice amplifier.

"I heard that Shrek Academy's enrolment day is today, and that you also have a mecha dep

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