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At the very least, Tang Wulin felt himself to be inferior in that regard until he invented his Dragon Emperor Restriction Techniques.

He turned to Qiangu Dongfeng, and said in a calm manner, "We win the first battle, Chairman Qiangu."

"Let's continue," Qiangu Dongfeng wasted no time with words and immediately commenced the countdown.

"Three, two, one, begin!"

Another combatant from each side rose up into the air.

The Spirit Pagoda had sent out a tall old man whom Tang Wulin had also never seen before, but his expression immediately changed slightly as soon as the elderly man emerged as he could sense extremely powerful spiritual fluctuations emanating from the old man's body.

Tang Wulin's spiritual power was quite advanced, even in the Spirit Domain realm, so this elderly man would at least have to be at the mental manifestation level to elicit such a reaction from Tang Wulin.

Could it be that this was a hidden Limit Douluo of the Spirit Pagoda?

The one who had been sent out by Shrek Academy was none other than the senior disciple sister of the inner court, Tang Yinmeng.

Just like Lan Muzi, Tang Yinmeng also kept a very low profile, and both of them were very easygoing and unambitious. Back when they had first entered the inner court, both of them had decided to remain in Shrek Academy forever as they truly loved the academy and were willing to dedicate the rest of their lives to it.

Back when the sequence was being decided, Lan Muzi had told Tang Wulin that he wanted to take part in the first battle, and Tang Wulin had agreed.

Lan Muzi had crushed his opponent in the first match, but Tang Yinmeng's opponent seemed to be very formidable.

Having already lost one match, the Spirit Pagoda would be determined to win this second battle, so Tang Yinmeng was definitely going to have a difficult match on her hands.

The two combatants quickly rose up into the sky, and the tall old man suddenly closed his eyes. The light around him began to warp, and all of a sudden, a nine-headed giant snake appeared out of thin air to carry his body.

The giant snake was transparent and didn't possess an aura befitting of a soul spirit; it was like a completely illusionary being.

The giant snake's nine heads were split into three different colors, with three purplish-black central heads, three green heads on the left, and three blue heads on the right. All of them wore identical cold expressions as they appraised Tang Yinmeng from afar.

At this moment, the elderly man had also summoned his soul rings, and just like Yun Tianheng and Lan Muzi, he also possessed nine black soul rings.

Ever since the Spirit Ascension Plane came into existence, this had become an extremely common soul ring configuration among all high-grade Soul Masters.

Tang Yinmeng also released her martial soul, and it was a rather peculiar fist-sized object that was shaped like a nut and was riddled with holes.

This was her marti

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