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Yuanen Yehui replied, "I'm not confident in him; I'm confident in Wulin. The Spirit Pagoda is actively provoking us, so we have to teach them a lesson. The biggest advantage for us is that the Spirit Pagoda doesn't know the full extent of the high-end power we have. On top of that, they'll also be reluctant to take things too far, and we have far more trump cards than they can imagine, the most important of which is the existence of the Seven Saint Paradise."

A peculiar look appeared on Yuanen Tiandang's face at the mention of the Seven Saint Paradise. "Those seven really are fearsome beings."

Yuanen Yehui sighed, "Please don't mention them. To be honest, I never want to see them again if possible. Have you been to the Seven Saint Paradise, Father?"

A wry smile appeared on Yuanen Tiandang's face. "I have, and I can understand what you mean. If I were in your place, I'd also want to avoid them like the plague. However, I have to admit that if I had undergone their training at your age, many of the subsequent tragedies in my life would've been avoided. Shrek Academy nurtures talent, while the seven old demons train the heart. Those who can pass their training will undoubtedly benefit immensely from it."

Yuanen Yehui said, "It's a good thing they're on our side. This entire plan was devised by Old Demon Greed and Wulin; the Spirit Pagoda is going to be in for a nasty surprise."

Yuanen Tiandang chuckled, "I'm looking forward to this. You go and take a rest for now."


News of Yuanen Yehui demolishing 300 mechas with a single punch spread like wildfire, primarily due to the presence of all of the reporters on the scene.

The competition between the two academies was already common knowledge across the continent, and all of the high-grade academies and Soul Masters on the continent were keeping tabs on this joint enrolment day. In particular, the other high-grade academies were waiting to see which academy would come out on top before devising their own enrolment strategy.

In the beginning, it seemed that Shrek Academy was destined to lose. The Spirit Pagoda's resources were simply far too plentiful, but who could've imagined this sudden turn of events?

Just a single punch had smashed the Spirit Pagoda's momentum into smithereens!

Yuanen Yehui had made the Spirit Pagoda's provocation look downright laughable, as if they were a bunch of court jesters.

Shortly thereafter, a stir began to run through the line outside Spirit Academy.

"What is it, honey? I'm here lining up with our son... What did you say? One person from Shrek Academy demolished 300 mechas with one punch? Surely not! The mechas were in the sky just now... You're right, they're not over here now; they seem to have flown toward Shrek Academy earlier. My god, if that's true, then this is insane! I heard that Shrek’s Seven Monsters only attended Shrek Academy for less than 20 years. What should we do?... Alright, I'll head over to S

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