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However, his opponent's soul skill had somehow been able to dispel some of his Bloodlust Battle Aura, and that came as quite a surprise to Yun Tianheng, particularly because this was only his opponent's first soul skill.

Lan Muzi drifted forward in a seemingly slow and nonchalant manner, but he arrived beside Yun Tianheng in the blink of an eye before slashing his wooden saber through the air again. It was still his first soul skill that was unleashed, and the three scintillating suns reappeared before dispersing in mid-air, then crashed toward Yun Tianheng from three different directions.

This first soul skill of Lan Muzi's was Three Sun Strike!

On this occasion, Yun Tianheng noticed that his Bloodlust Battle Aura was melting away in the presence of the three suns, like snow and ice under scorching sunlight.

He brandished his axes, and he suddenly grew slightly taller as he let loose a loud roar while a burst of even more ferocious Bloodlust Battle Aura erupted out of his body. His Bloodlust Battle Axes instantly shattered the three suns, and at the same time, he began to rotate at a rapid speed, sweeping toward Lan Muzi like a tornado.

This was his third soul skill, Devouring the Starry Heavens!

Lan Muzi retreated a half-step before suddenly slashing his wooden saber through the air, and it appeared as if he were completely ignoring Yun Tianheng and targeting nothing in particular with his attack.

However, right in this instant, the entire sky suddenly turned a reddish-golden color. This didn't just apply to a certain area; the reddish-golden color had spread as far as the eyes could see in all directions.

The light then faded in a flash, but as it did so, all of the Bloodlust Battle Aura around Yun Tianheng and on his battle axes instantly vanished.

Yun Tianheng himself also became quite sluggish as he rotated on the spot like a spinning top, seemingly having lost track of Lan Muzi.

This was Lan Muzi's second soul skill, Spring Sun and White Snow!

A serious look appeared on Lan Muzi's face as he suddenly raised his saber high up into the air, and another ball of sunlight appeared, but this one was several times larger than the previous balls of sunlight.

However, it was nowhere near as bright and exuberant. Instead, it was like the dying flame of a candle, and it was imbued with a sense of forlorn loneliness as it descended toward Yun Tianheng.

This was Lan Muzi's third soul skill, Final Sunset!

Yun Tianheng was currently in a very frustrating situation. He felt like he was punching a bag of feathers, and despite the enormous power that he possessed, he was simply unable to unleash any of it.

He suddenly swept his battle axes upward amid a thunderous roar, and his body abruptly reared upward.

At the same time, he began to release a formidable aura, and two crimson blades of light erupted out of his Bloodlust Battle Axes in a criss-cross formation.

This was his Bloodlust Cros

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