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With that in mind, much of Qiangu Zhangting's bliss and excitement was instantly replaced by anxiety.

Having known Gu Yue for so many years, he was aware of just how uncompromising that she was.

He had to go and apologize to her!

With that in mind, Qiangu Zhangting quickly rushed out of bed, took a shower, then put on what he perceived to be his best set of clothes before rushing to Gu Yue's living area again.

However, he was greeted by a tightly shut metal gate with a very clear and forbidding red light. This was the universal sign for "do not disturb" in the Spirit Pagoda, and it was only to be used when conducting important research or going into seclusion for very important breakthroughs.

Qiangu Zhangting became even more uneasy at the sight of the red light, and he knew that all doorbells would be disabled when this red light was switched on.

He hurriedly dialed Gu Yuena's number again and again in the hope of getting to speak to her, all to no avail.

It was clear that she really was angry, and Qiangu Zhangting was at a complete loss for what to do.

Should he force his way in through the gate? With his lofty status in the Spirit Pagoda, he would naturally be able to do this, but would that make her even more angry?

He dialled Gu Yuena's number over and over again in a blind panic, and finally, she picked up.

"Na'er, please don't be mad at me! I'm really sorry for what I did, but I love you so much that I couldn't help myself. Can you please let me in?"

His panicked apology was greeted by complete silence from Gu Yuena.

"Nana, please say something! I promise you that I'll never do something like this again. I'm sorry."

Finally, a response came from Gu Yuena. "I hate you."

After that, the call was ended, and when Qiangu Zhangting tried to dial her number again, he was informed that she had turned off her soul communicator.

You've really screwed me over, Grandfather!

Qiangu Zhangting's heart was full of remorse, and all of his excitement had vanished.

Meanwhile, Gu Yuena was standing beside her bed, casting her gaze toward the direction of the Sea God's Lake in the distance. A disdainful look appeared on her face as she murmured to herself, "You think you can touch me?"


"Splash!" Tang Wulin dove into the lake, and he was instantly refreshed by the cool water around him.

Ever since the growth spurt experienced by the tree of life after absorbing the life energy from the demonic plane, the entire Sea God's Lake had undergone a transformation.

The deathly aura within it was no longer as pronounced, and the radiation was quickly receding. It wouldn't take long before the lake was filled with vitality again.

Soul power was released through the soles of his feet, propelling him deeper toward the lakebed, and the deeper he went, the more clearly he was able to sense the aura of life energy radiating from down below.

As the Son of Nature, he was extreme

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