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All of a sudden, the sound of the xun was cut off, and with nothing to oppose them any further, the nine torrents of light surged directly toward Tang Yinmeng.

Tang Yinmeng merely smiled and drifted forward, making no effort to evade the oncoming torrents of light. As she advanced, she occasionally played a series of short and sharp notes with her xun, and somehow, she was able to phase through the torrents of light to approach the elderly man.

Light flashed in front of the old man, and a giant bear that was over 30 meters tall appeared without any warning before slashing its claws toward Tang Yinmeng.

This was a Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear, and five golden claw projections had been sent hurtling directly toward Tang Yinmeng.

However, Tang Yinmeng remained completely calm and collected as she played a sharp note with her xun. The giant bear remained unaffected, but its attack was repelled as if the surrounding air had exploded.

Right at this moment, the nine-headed snake's second wave of attacks arrived, and it seemed that there would be no way for her to continue onward any further.

However a loud melody suddenly began to play from Tang Yinmeng's xun, and the giant bear and nine-headed snake both faltered, while the rhythm and frequency of their attacks began to match the melody of the xun.

As the melody being played began to change, the attacks from the giant bear and nine-headed snake became extremely erratic, and they were even occasionally clashing with one another.

Tang Yinmeng strode casually through these disorganized attacks, and it seemed that her movements were completely aimless, but upon closer inspection, one would discover that she was drawing closer and closer to the elderly man.

The man suddenly sighed, and said, "Have you already figured it out? In that case, you leave me no choice."

A ball of light appeared on his forehead as he spoke, following which his head began to expand, while the rest of his body remained unchanged.

At the same time, a peculiar-looking silver helmet that was encrusted with countless gems appeared over his head. The helmet definitely wasn't very pretty to look at, but as soon as it appeared, Tang Wulin's expression changed drastically.

"That's a piece of four-word battle armor!"

As a Divine Blacksmith, he was able to instantly assess the caliber of this piece of metal, and it was clear that this was a heavenly refined helmet!

This old man's martial soul was his brain! That was the information that Tang Wulin had just received.

The brain was a part of the body, so it could be said that this was a Titled Douluo that possessed a body martial soul.

His forte lay in his spiritual power, and with the enhancement he received from his martial soul, his spiritual power had most likely already reached the pinnacle of the Spirit Domain realm.

At that level, it would be virtually impossible to make further progress, and his way of battle was to use his

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