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The two axes combined as one, and scintillating crimson light threatened to part heaven and earth as a gargantuan ax that was over 100 meters wide emerged.

This was his eighth soul skill, Fierce Demonic Slash!

In the instant before this soul skill was unleashed, Lan Muzi's body shuddered slightly as his Yang Wood Saber instantly elongated to around five feet in length.

The entire saber turned a reddish-golden color, and there was also reddish-golden light flowing over its surface like water.

His seventh soul ring lit up as he unleashed his martial soul true body, immediately following which his second soul ring also lit up.

Spring Sun and White Snow!

Was it possible that he could withstand Yun Tianheng's eighth soul skill with just his second soul skill?

Just as everyone was beginning to worry for his safety, an unexpected sequence of events unfolded. The Spring Sun and White Snow on this occasion didn't just bring about one flash of reddish-golden light, but three flashes in rapid succession instead.

With each flash of reddish-golden light, the Fierce Demonic Slash would dim slightly, and after the three consecutive flashes, the Fierce Demonic Slash had been reduced to less than half its original size, and was looking rather transparent.

This was the eighth soul skill of a Hyper Douluo enhanced by his three-word battle armor and martial soul true body! Surely it wasn't far away from being the most powerful attack he could possibly unleash!

However, this almighty attack had been debilitated thrice in an instant, and immediately thereafter, Lan Muzi slashed his Yang Wood Saber through the air again, unleashing his Three Sun Strike. No, on this occasion, it was Nine Sun Strike! There were nine total balls of sunlight that crashed into the Fierce Demonic Slash like a string of shooting stars, instantly shattering the devastating attack.

That was only his first soul skill? How was this possible?

At this point, it was clear that both his Spring Sun and White Snow and Three Sun Strike had been enhanced by threefold. In fact, the overlaying effect had enhanced the power of those attacks by far more than threefold!

Even three-word battle armor couldn't produce such an enhancement, so there was only one explanation: this ability had stemmed from his martial soul true body!

Lan Muzi's martial soul true body was Threefold Yanghancement, and this was his true power!

Generally speaking, a Soul Master's powers would be enhanced by 150% to 200% by their martial soul true body. However, his martial soul true body had enhanced the power of all of his soul skills by more than threefold! This was incredible!

Lan Muzi took a step forward, and he instantly reached Yun Tianheng, following which his body suddenly became illusiory, and it was as if countless Lan Muzis had appeared around Yun Tianheng.

He was unleashing his Yin Yang Illusion and Yin Yang Paradox together, and with the enhancement of hi

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