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Thus, Zang Xin had told Tang Wulin that this system was going to be reserved for Shrek Academy and the entire Sea God's Lake. Once it was complete, even godslayer missiles wouldn't post a threat anymore.

Such a massive project couldn't be completed anytime soon, but the prototype that the Tang Sect had developed was ready to be used, so it was installed around the three main school buildings to ensure the safety of that area.

It could be said that the red mecha just now was the first test subject to face the wrath of the defense system, and as it turned out, the defense system was just as powerful as Zang Xin had proclaimed.


Right at this moment, an object flew out of Shrek Academy, arcing through the air in a rough parabolic trajectory before landing outside the academy.

This was a humanoid figure that was desperately trying to stabilize itself in mid-air, but seemed to be unable to do so.

In the end, it landed facefirst right in front of all of the mechas amid a dull thump.

This was a middle-aged man who appeared to be in his forties or fifties, and he had fallen to the ground in a spread-eagled fashion. He was completely nude aside from a pair of underpants, and the mechas had all quickly dispersed, thinking that this was some type of offensive projectile.

As such, the area in a radius of 100 meters around him was completely empty, putting his near-nudity on full display.

The atmosphere instantly congealed, and the high-grade mecha pilots at the very front were able to instantly recognize that this sorry-looking figure was none other than the vastly renowned divine-grade mecha pilot, Meng Te!

Aside from his role at Spirit Academy, he was also once the premier mecha pilot of the Sea God Legion, an honorary chairman of the mecha pilot association, and was widely regarded as the most exceptional mecha pilot of the past century. He had invented eight different mecha maneuvers, and it was no exaggeration to say that he was a legend in the world of mecha pilots.

However, this legend had just been hurled out of Shrek Academy in only his underwear like a dirty trash bag.

Meng Te's status among mecha pilots was equivalent to Mu Chen's status among blacksmiths, and he had accepted the invitation of Spirit Academy as he had received financial support from the Spirit Pagoda during the earlier days of his cultivation.

As such, he had maintained very close ties with the Spirit Pagoda, and he naturally wasn't going to be absent on such an important occasion.

As one of the mecha division's three divine-grade mecha pilots, he was a very powerful man, yet he had been completely and utterly humiliated.

However, even some of the people from Spirit Academy were struck by the urge to laugh.

Meng Te was a very conceited man who didn't have many friends, and was always very condescending to those around him. As such, even the other mecha teachers of Spirit Academy didn't have a good impressio

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