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All students to graduate from Spirit Academy would be prioritized for consideration to work at the Spirit Pagoda, and the first principal of the academy was Qiangu Zhangting.

Qiangu Zhangting had actually wanted Gu Yuena to take on this role, but ever since that day, Gu Yuena had locked herself into seclusion. Qiangu Zhangting was desperate to see her, but there was nothing that he could do, and he had even quarreled with his own grandfather, who had thought of this idea.

However, Qiangu Dongfeng merely brushed off his concerns, assuring him that engaging in physical relations with Gu Yuena was a massive step in the right direction. She would only be temporarily angry; the most important thing was that she had given herself to Qiangu Zhangting. At the same time, he now had full trust in Gu Yuena.

Qiangu Zhangting had been made the first principal of Spirit Academy in order to further elevate his status to prepare for when he took over the role of Spirit Pagoda chairman in the future.

Spirit Academy had been secretly under construction for a long time, even as far back as during the joust for a spouse event.

This was the true trump card that the Spirit Pagoda held against Shrek Academy, and it had been prepared to deal Shrek Academy a lethal blow.

Regardless of how one looked at it, the Spirit Pagoda held the absolute advantage.

Shrek Academy had only just begun its reconstruction, and even with support from many different powers, they simply didn't have many of the core resources required for a Soul Master's cultivation.

Nowadays, one could no longer just travel to the Great Star Dou Forest to obtain soul rings; soul spirits had become an indispensable part of cultivation. On the surface, the Spirit Pagoda was open to all Soul Masters, but in reality, the conditions offered by Spirit Academy would significantly reduce the cost of one's cultivation. The temptation was simply far too great for young talents that weren't that well off, just like Tang Wulin in his youth.

Furthermore, there was also the Myriad Beast Plane. The Myriad Beast Plane was currently being hailed as the best thing since sliced bread, and it was earning the Spirit Pagoda a massive amount of wealth and influence.

As such, even though Shrek Academy had spoiled the joust for a spouse event, Qiangu Dongfeng wasn't concerned at all. He had been waiting for enrolment day to deal Shrek Academy the heaviest of blows. He was going to crush Shrek Academy with their absolute advantage in resources.

The entire Spirit Academy was visible from the top level of the Spirit Pagoda headquarters.

The academy was constructed in a pair of hexagonal shapes, and each hexagon contained one of the Soul Master and mecha pilot branches.

Gu Yuena was currently standing in front of her window, casting a solemn gaze down toward the academy.

How was Tang Wulin going to face such a challenge? There was no sinister plot involved; this was the most stra

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