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Qiangu Dongfeng turned toward Shrek Academy, and said, "Greetings, Shrek Academy, I am Qiangu Dongfeng. I believe you owe me an explanation for damaging so many of our academy's mechas."

As a Limit Douluos, Qiangu Dongfeng was able to control his own voice in very profound ways, and at this moment, his voice was clearly audible to everyone present in Shrek Academy, as if it were the voice of the heavens.

Right at this moment, a pleasant voice rang out from within Shrek Academy. "What do we need to explain, Chairman Qiangu? Your mecha pilots provoked our academy first, then even went as far as to attack our academy. There are so many students and parents here during enrolment; are we expected to just let them be attacked? How laughable it is that you're asking for an explanation rather than apologizing to all of these people whose lives you've put at risk."

Qiangu Dongfeng's eyes narrowed slightly upon hearing this, and he could tell from this voice alone to whom he was speaking. "You're right, Yali. I failed to keep my subordinates in check, and we're in the wrong for provoking your academy. I apologize on Meng Te's behalf. However, Meng Te has already been severely injured, and I'm sure that atones for his actions. His actions were a little excessive, but I'm sure he was just blinded by his rage, and his intention wasn't to hurt anyone.

"However, even after forcing back Meng Te, Yuanen Yehui from your academy still lashed out once again to damage hundreds of our innocent mechas, resulting in massive losses for us; does that not warrant an explanation?"

"What a joke!" Yali chuckled coldly, "Would Yuanen have retaliated if those two divine-grade mechas hadn't attacked her? Her only mistake is that she failed to hold back, but none of this would've happened if you hadn't provoked us first. I'd advise you to go back, Chairman."

Qiangu Dongfeng's brows furrowed even further upon hearing this. "I'm afraid I can't agree to that, Yali. Meng Te was once the premier mecha pilot of the Sea God Legion, and he's made significant contributions to the federation in the past. Even if he was in the wrong, he shouldn't have had his divine-grade mecha taken away and been humiliated like this. Is Shrek Academy blatantly stealing his divine-grade mecha?"

Yali replied, "Let me remind you of something, Chairman Qiangu: Shrek Academy was around even before the federation was founded. The airspace of Shrek Academy is not to be encroached upon; that's not a rule that was only invented today. We've already done Meng Te a great favor by sparing his life. Even according to federal law, property owners are entitled to incapacitate and even kill trespassers with malicious intent. Are you saying you wouldn't mind if we flew our mechas over your Spirit Pagoda for no reason?"

Many of the students and parents waiting in line burst into laughter upon hearing this.

Qiangu Dongfeng's expression darkened as he said, "In any case, return the divin

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