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The Yuanen Family was very powerful, but they actually weren't all that wealthy as they had no avenue through which they could earn large sums of money. In present-day society, Soul Masters weren't as revered as they were in the past, and the Yuanen Family was only able to earn money through normal saving and accumulation.

Soul technology had resolved the vast majority of the world's problems, and mecha pilots no longer had to exclusively be Soul Masters.

On top of that, the Yuanen Family was a very proud family that refused to be employed by others, so the family was far from rich.

Even though they had taken on secondary occupations as well, it was very difficult to progress very far in these occupations with the family's limited resources.

Even Yuanen Zhentian only had a suit of three-word battle armor, and he was too embarrassed to even release it as his battle armor domain was only around 10 meters in diameter.

As for everyone else, only Yuanen Tiandang had a suit of three-word battle armor, and it was of an even lesser quality than Yuanen Zhentian's.

"Ahem, Sect Master Tang, if you're being serious with your offer, then I'd like to come with you. I have nothing to do in the family anyway, and I would love to educate the younger generation."

A short yet very muscular elderly man strode forward, and he appeared to be around the same age as Yuanen Zhentian, but he seemed to be full of vigor and strength.

He made his way over to Yuanen Zhentian, and said, "Please let me go, Big Brother; I really want to experience a suit of three-word battle armor. Besides, teaching at Shrek Academy isn't bringing shame upon our family, is it?"

A wry smile appeared on Yuanen Zhentian's face. "What an incompetent family leader I am."

Yuanen Tianshang also opened his mouth to say something, but Yuanen Zhentian raised a hand to stop him.

He then turned to Tang Wulin, and asked, "I'm sure Shrek Academy has the ability to guarantee suits of three-word battle armor, but please elaborate on your promise of four-word battle armor, Sect Master Tang."

He wanted to regard Tang Wulin as a junior, but after the declaration that Tang Wulin had just made, he realized that it was necessary for him to see Tang Wulin as an equal.

Tang Wulin replied, "You can rest assured, Senior; I'll be sure to deliver on my promises."

A hesitant look appeared on Yuanen Zhentian's face. "I don't doubt the bond between Shrek Academy and Divine Blacksmith Zhen Hua, but I've heard that Divine Blacksmith Zhen Hua is greatly limited by his health. On top of that, I'm sure we're not the only ones who want suits of four-word battle armor. Truth be told, we tried to apply in the past, but we didn't even have the right to be on the waiting list."

Xie Xie ran his fingers through his hair in a deliberate display of bravado, and declared, "There's more than one Divine Blacksmith on the Douluo Continent."

Yuanen Yehui immediately pinched him f

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