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Er Ming seemed to have become completely absorbed in his own thoughts, but a series of extremely clear images had appeared around him.

This was a forest that a bright-eyed young woman was skipping through while humming a song. "The mushroom-picking girl had a basket on her back..."

This was mental manifestation, the signature ability of all Limit Douluos!

What was even more astonishing was that his mental manifestation included sound! What level of spiritual power was required to achieve this?

Yuanen Tianshang had only speculated that this man was most likely a Limit Douluo; only now did he realize that this man was even more powerful than his own father.

The young woman in the image was picking up mushrooms in patches of grass and under tree roots, then placing them into the bamboo basket she was carrying.

All of a sudden, she stumbled upon a fat monkey lying at the foot of a large tree.

The monkey had glossy black fur, and was quite adorable in appearance.

The statue in the ancestral hall immediately surfaced in Tang Wulin's mind at the sight of the monkey; the two bore a striking resemblance.

"Wow, what an adorable little monkey," the young woman exclaimed with excitement in her eyes. The monkey appeared to be no more than half a meter tall, and she squatted down next to it before gently stroking its fur.

The monkey was sleeping very soundly, and it seemed to be enjoying her caress as it turned over and continued to sleep.

The young woman gently pinched the monkey's nose as she giggled, "Let's see if you'll wake up if you can't breathe."

As expected, the monkey didn't enjoy what she was doing, and it abruptly opened its eyes as it slapped her hand away.

The monkey then turned toward the young woman with a fierce look in its eyes, but the young woman completely disregarded its animosity as she gently patted its head. "You're so adorable!"

The monkey's sharp claws faltered slightly, and it decided against attacking the young woman in the end. Unbeknownst to the young woman, she had just brushed shoulders with death.

The young woman pulled a mushroom out of her little basket, and said, "Here, have a delicious matsutake mushroom; it was very hard for me to find."

The monkey hesitated momentarily before accepting the mushroom and quickly stuffing it into its own mouth.

"Wow, I'm so glad you like it! Here's some more."

The young woman handed the bamboo basket to the little monkey, which accepted it without any hesitation, and after just a short while, all of the mushrooms in the basket had been devoured.

However, not only was the young woman not displeased to see this, she became even more elated and excited.

"Go home now; I have to continue picking mushrooms. Otherwise, I'll have nothing to sell to buy wine for Father. By the way, my name is Xiong Xiaoling; make sure to remember my name." After that, the young woman waved at the monkey before skipping away, and the im

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