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Right as she fell asleep, her aura began to transform in a subtle manner. A layer of faint translucent light appeared over her skin, and her soul power circulated naturally into her soul core before being purified, then surged throughout her body like a gushing river.

Having let go of her mental baggage, her cultivation bottleneck was also shattered in her sleep.

A layer of yellow light appeared around her alongside a series of soul rings, and the ninth soul ring finally appeared beside the eight existing ones.

In that instant, she had become a Titled Douluo.

In her dreams, she was finally able to see the person that she had been longing to see for so many years.

Her eyes were so gentle and captivating, and her arms were spread wide open as she called out Yuanen Yehui's name.

"Mother!" Yuanen Yehui yelled as she rushed toward the woman, but for some reason, she was unable to close the short distance between them and dive into the woman's arms.

All of a sudden, her mother began to transform. Her eyes turned into a pair of dark purple vortexes, and a pair of massive wings slowly spread open on her back. She began to scream with pain as a pair of long, twisted horns emerged from her forehead, and her body began to expand while releasing a formidable aura of absolute darkness.

"Fall into the darkness and you shall be free. Awaken, my daughter; awaken the boundless demonic power within your blood," her mother suddenly said in an enchanting voice while luring her toward the darkness.

Enormous power began to spread through Yuanen Yehui's entire body, causing it to tremble slightly. Intense darkness power surged into her body and transformed her, while a cold and deranged will quickly manifested itself in her mind.

Fierce bloodlust, fear, and insanity also flowed into her mind alongside a whole host of other negative emotions, and in this instant, Yuanen Yehui felt as if all of her blood had also run cold as she began to advance toward that world of darkness.

All of a sudden, she opened her eyes, and she found herself still in the same room. Her aura had become even darker than that of the night outside, and faint purple light began to spill out of her eyes.

What was even more terrifying was that she was giving off a deathly aura, and a pair of massive wings slowly emerged on her back, while all of her nine soul rings had turned a purplish-black color.

A pair of twisted long horns had emerged on her head, and darkness elements filled the entire room.

"Roar!" A guttural roar rang out as she rose to her feet and opened the window in a stealthy manner. All of the surrounding darkness energy had surged into her body to isolate her from the outside world.

She flew out the window, and after briefly inspecting her surroundings, she flapped her wings and traveled into the distance.

She was incredibly fast, and the purplish-black light around her was causing the space in its wake to twist and warp

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