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This was a complete and utter slaughter. Even the great demons and Arba were forced to defend with all their might and fly back frantically in retreat in the face of the metallic storm.

At a time like this, they were far too busy protecting themselves than to worry about their brethren.

The demonic army had only just descended upon this world, and they had already been given a taste of the horrors of human soul technology in the form of the seven Holy Radiance missiles and one Metallic Storm.

This human technology was the very same thing that had driven the once-mighty soul beasts to near-extinction.

10,000 years ago, the soul beasts of the Great Star Dou Forest could still threaten Shrek City with beast tides of millions of soul beasts, but now, they barely even existed in this world, and that was sufficient testament to just how fearsome human technology was.

In the tightly-packed formation of the demonic army, the Metallic Storm worked to outstanding effect, devouring over 70% of the entire army. Even among the demons that survived, very few of them were unscathed.

All of a sudden, a figure encased in a suit of translucent golden armor appeared high up in the air. His face was concealed behind a mask, revealing only a pair of shimmering golden eyes.

A sleek long spear was held in his right hand, and all of the light around him was warping violently. A dazzling spear projection was suddenly unleashed, and it shot forth directly toward the ground down below.

In the instant that the spear projection came into contact with the ground, it suddenly brightened significantly, and all of the residual life energy from the demonic creatures that had just been torn apart by the Metallic Storm converged toward the golden light in a frenzy.

Behind the golden figure, the Golden Blood Dragon domain took shape, and at the same time, a massive purple flower bloomed beside him while his greenish-golden soul ring lit up.

The armored figure hovering up above was naturally none other than Tang Wulin, and at this moment, he was seated in mid-air with his legs crossed.

Scintillating light erupted from the Golden Blood Dragon domain, and extremely rich life energy flowed into his body through the Golden Dragon Spear.

This was life energy from tens of thousands of demons, and Tang Wulin's body instantly reached full saturation. Demons possessed extremely stellar life energy and exceptional regenerative abilities. Even though they couldn't be reborn like abyssal creatures, their combat prowess and life force were far superior to those of normal abyssal creatures.

As such, life energy from tens of thousands of demons was far more than any single person could absorb.

The greenish-golden soul ring flashed as a beam of light suddenly erupted into the heavens from the tip of Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear. The beam of light was filled with life energy, and as it rose up into the air, there was finally an avenue for

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