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At this critical juncture, the air around him suddenly twisted, causing Tang Wulin's Dragon Emperor Breakto falter momentarily, and this split-second delay was enough for Xie Xie to vanish on the spot.

This was his Space Time Travel!

He wouldn't be able to do this against the complete version of Dragon Emperor Break, but this hurried abridged version afforded him the opportunity to escape into time and space.

At the same time, the Divine Cloudvortex Titan Fist arrived.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin's eyes turned golden, and golden dragon scales appeared all along his left arm as he retaliated with a simple punch of his own.

There was a layer of dragon's repulse over the surface of his fist that was over a foot thick, but strangely enough, this layer of dragon's repulse was shrinking as his fist traveled through the air.

Yuanen Zhentian's pupils contracted slightly upon seeing this. His dragon's repulse wasn't shrinking; it was compressing inward into dense layers.


A dull thump rang out as Tang Wulin's fist came into contact with the oncoming Divine Cloudvortex Titan Fist. This wasn't the sound of the clash. Instead, it was the sound of Tang Wulin's powerful heartbeat.

The resounding boom erupted through the entire area, and it was also at this instant that his bloodline power surged forth in a frenzy.


Powerful shockwaves erupted forth, and a layer of golden light appeared in an area with a diameter of dozens of meters around Tang Wulin. Meanwhile, the Divine Cloudvortex Titan Fist disintegrated as a vast expanse of brown light.

Tang Wulin stood still on the spot, while Yuanen Yehui's expression changed slightly as she took three steps backward, leaving deep footprints on the ground, and her face also paled slightly.

Tang Wulin had struggled to deal with both Er Ming and Yuanen Zhentian's Divine Titan Fists, and that prompted him to find a counter through controlling and altering his own power. He had named this punch "Golden Dragon Stacked Explosion", and even though it wasn't as powerful as his Dragon Emperor Restriction Techniques, he could forcibly compress his dragon's repulse with his immense spiritual power, and that, combined with the bloodline eruption from his Body Sect congenital secret method, created an extremely powerful attack.

Following the creation of his two Dragon Emperor Restriction Techniques, Tang Wulin was able to progress more quickly in his cultivation and also combine all of his abilities more effectively.

Right as the explosion took place, Tang Wulin suddenly felt a chill run down his spine, and Xie Xie abruptly emerged behind him before slashing a shimmering golden dagger toward the back of his neck.

The timing of the attack was perfect, and it was very remarkable that he had managed to phase through space to get behind Tang Wulin even amid such a terrifying clash. A clash of this caliber was powerful enough to shatter space and make it ext

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