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There was no way to evade as the attack encompassed the entire competition platform. It turned out that the seven Great Fissions had only been a setup for this Elemental Storm, and the transition had been perfectly seamless.

Shrek's Six Monsters, A'Ruheng, and Sima Jinchi were already completely dumbstruck, particularly A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi, who weren't all that familiar with Gu Yuena.

In their eyes, Gu Yuena was a delicate beauty; how was she this terrifying in battle?

Even from below the platform, they could sense the protective barrier trembling in the face of the terrifying Elemental Storm.

"Dragon Emperor Break!"

A low voice rang out on the platform, and the abstract rainbow world suddenly began to converge toward the center of the competition platform as if it were being drawn there by some type of mysterious force.

In the air above, the giant golden dragon was revealed again, and it reached out with its front right claw. Its golden claws had expanded to at least twice their original size, and within its palm was a vortex that was rapidly revolving to devour the violent Elemental Storm.

This was none other than his Dragon Emperor Break!

The two combatants reappeared in mid-air, and in the next instant, the golden dragon reverted back to its human form before instantly arriving in front of Gu Yuena.

Tang Wulin then reached out toward Gu Yuena's shoulders with his pair of dragon claws, but in the instant that Tang Wulin's claws came into contact with her body, she had already vanished before reappearing several dozens of meters away.

As soon as she reappeared, she pointed her staff toward Tang Wulin, releasing a pillar of rainbow light that was far too fast for Tang Wulin to evade. What was even more terrifying was that the pillar of rainbow light had a sticky quality that clung to his body.

Right at this moment, the surrounding space warped slightly, and the pillar of light suddenly shortened while Tang Wulin took evasive measures.

This was his Time Reversal domain!

However, a massive ball of rainbow light then suddenly appeared before Tang Wulin, as if his actions had already been predicted.

In contrast with the past Great Fissions, this ball of rainbow light didn't explode. Instead, it fell directly upon Tang Wulin, and having just used his Time Reversal domain once, he wasn't able to use it again in succession. The rainbow pillar of light that he had just evaded struck his body again, and at the same time, rainbow light erupted beneath his feet to encompass a diameter of 20 meters around him.

Streaks of rainbow light converged to form a reverse waterfall that surged upward, blasting him up into the air.

There was virtually no delay at all between each segment of this string of powerful attacks, and it was a truly formidable display of combat prowess.

Both Gu Yuena's offensive power and control exemplified the true power of a Soul Master adept in elemental manipulati

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