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Tang Wulin was astonished by this revelation. The Battle God Hall was the core of the federal government's military power, yet it had expressed support toward the Shrek Academy rebuild! This was virtually no different from gaining support from the federation itself.

"How is that possible?" If the federation wanted to see Shrek Academy return to its former glory, then it wouldn't have joined forces with the Spirit Pagoda in the first place.

Tang Wulin certainly wasn't naive enough to think that two godslayer missiles could be taken so easily unless there were issues within the federal parliament itself.

The public expression of support from the Battle God Hall was a true bombshell, and it indicated that the situation had spiraled out of the Spirit Pagoda and even the federation's control.

A thought suddenly occurred to Tang Wulin, and he asked, "Did this have something to do with Elder Long?"

Zang Xin chuckled, "Over a third of the members of the Battle God Hall are Shrek Academy graduates, but the truly decisive individual is naturally still Chen Xinjie. Without his support, there's no way the Battle God Hall would've been swayed. It seems that he's really made up his mind this time."

Tang Wulin couldn't help but chuckle upon hearing this. The relationships of the older generation sure were complex!

As the most powerful Soul Master in the federal government, Chen Xinjie had overseen the Battle God Hall for over 50 years, and his position was all but unshakeable. In the military, neither the Mirror Douluo nor the Angel Douluo could compare with his status, and this expression of support from Chen Xinjie meant that the Shrek Academy rebuild wouldn't encounter any further obstacles.

Even the Spirit Pagoda wouldn't dare to oppose someone of Chen Xinjie's power and status!

With his support, everything would begin to move in the right direction. Even though the Tang Sect hadn't been vindicated, once the Shrek Academy rebuild was complete, it would be able to provide more assistance to the Tang Sect.

In the blueprints for the new Shrek Academy, there was a section that was reserved specifically for the Tang Sect.

"This is fantastic news! We're finally on the right track now," Tang Wulin said in an excited manner.

Zang Xin nodded, and said, "There's another piece of good news: the super soul array defense system that the Tang Sect has been developing for over 100 years is nearing the completion of its development phase."

Tang Wulin had heard about this system from Zang Xin before, and it was a cutting-edge system that had been developed for Shrek City. It was a type of super defensive soul tool system, and to put it in simpler terms, if this system had been constructed prior to the bombing, Shrek City would still be standing now.

It was truly the ultimate defense.

"That's fantastic! How long will it take to be implemented?" Tang Wulin asked.

Zang Xin replied, "It won't be anytime soon; the

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