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Yuanen Zhentian was also very pleased. Perhaps this would delay Yuanen Tiandang from taking over as family leader, but having just become a quasigod, Yuanen Zhentian would be able to live for much longer, so this wasn't an issue. With that in mind, an elated smile appeared on his face.

"Alright, let's go back. I'm going to set up a banquet to celebrate this," Yuanen Zhentian said in an excited manner as he led the way back.

This was a win-win situation, and Yuanen Yehui was the happiest one to see this arrangement being made as she wouldn't have to separate from her father.

In contrast, Xie Xie was feeling quite concerned. Generally speaking, fathers were always disapproving toward their son-in-law; who knew what would become of him with his father-in-law constantly supervising him? He couldn't shake the feeling that Yuanen Tiandang was looking at him in a strange, almost vicious manner.

It appeared there were going to be some hard times ahead! Having said that, it was the first time that he had seen Yuanen Yehui this happy, so he was still very excited. This was the Yuanen Yehui that he wanted to see.

Just as Tang Wulin was walking along, someone suddenly tugged gently on his sleeve, and he turned around to discover Yuanen Tianshang with a hopeful look in his eyes.

"Ahem, Sect Master Tang, do you still need other teachers aside from my brother?"

Tang Wulin immediately nodded in response. "Of course! Most of our teachers perished during the bombing to save the students, so we're sorely lacking in teachers."

Yuanen Tianshang asked, "Would I fit the bill?" Up to this point, he still didn't have a suit of three-word battle armor.

In terms of aptitude, he couldn't match Yuanen Tiandang, but was certainly no slouch. During these past few years, the hatred in his heart had spurred him on to cultivate like a madman, allowing him to progress to the Titled Douluo level. Even though his progress had stalled since then, he was still a Titled Douluo.

Most importantly, with the return of his brother and Yuanen Yehui, the wounds in his heart had been healed, and to his surprise, his stagnant cultivation rank was beginning to creep up at a relatively fast rate again.

Ever since the passing of his wife, he had lived for cultivation, but even though he was already a Titled Douluo, he still didn't even have a suit of three-word battle armor. Now that the opportunity to become a three-word battle armor master was being presented, he certainly couldn't miss it!

Tang Wulin took a hesitant glance at Yuanen Zhentian, who was walking up ahead, and didn't offer an immediate response.

He had already taken Yuanen Zhentian's direct heir; it didn't seem appropriate to take his other son as well.

Yuanen Tianshang said in an urgent manner, "It's alright, I'll convince Father. I'm not the heir to the family anyway, so I'm a free man and can even stay permanently at Shrek Academy. I've always longed to go to Shrek Academy

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