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The suit of armor was shimmering with dazzling rainbow light, and even though it wasn't all that fancy in design, it seemed to be something that was one with nature.

Only battle armor masters of the three-word level and above knew what this was.

It was the base form of a suit of divine-grade battle armor that had been constructed from heavenly refinement metals. Once a three-word battle armor master fused this suit of armor with their suit of three-word battle armor and carved new circuits onto it, their battle armor would be upgraded to the four-word level.

This was truly a priceless item that would never appear in any auction on the continent.

The number of four-word battle armor masters was extremely limited. Not all suits of four-word battle armor were constructed from heavenly refined metals, but those suits of armor were ultimately somewhat inferior to their heavenly refined counterparts.

Thus, the value of this present was completely indescribable. If one were to look closely, they would discover a series of extremely meticulous hammer marks on the suit of silver battle armor that were arranged in an orderly fashion, reflecting the effort and attention to detail of its creator.

It had taken Tang Wulin two whole months to complete this suit of battle armor, and this was the present he had prepared for Gu Yuena.

The suit of battle armor contained his blood, sweat, and tears, as well as his peerlessly sincere emotions.

As all of the spectators stared at the suit of divine-grade battle armor, they gradually began to return to their senses, and a massive stir immediately ran through the spectator stands again.

The vast majority of people didn't know what this suit of armor was, but they could sense its power. However, the Soul Masters present were already aware of what it entailed for Yu Longyue to proclaim that he had crafted this suit of battle armor; it meant that he was a Divine Blacksmith capable of heavenly refinement!

Gu Yuena was also completely rooted to the spot. She had obviously predicted that Tang Wulin would give her a present on this day, but never did she think that it would be a suit of four-word battle armor.

Divine Blacksmith Zhen Hua had already announced that he was temporarily refusing heavenly refinement jobs due to health reasons, so it had been a very long time since the Spirit Pagoda had gotten its hands on even a tiny piece of heavenly refined metal, yet this was a full suit of heavenly refined battle armor!

It was no wonder that she could sense the power of the rainbow lightning law within his body; this had been accumulated through his forging. How many elemental tribulations would he have had to withstand to create this piece of armor?

Gu Yuena's vision was already beginning to blur. His words were so straightforward and devoid of romanticism, but she could clearly sense his sincerity.

She knew that she couldn't cry, but she still couldn't hold back her own

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