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Each of the great demons was over 10 meters tall with massive wings on their backs, twisted horns on their heads, and extremely formidable darkness auras emanating from their bodies.

After the gates were stabilized by them, even more demonic creatures began to emerge, including some small white demons that were very short in stature. Despite that diminutive stature, they were not to be looked down on as they were the spellcasters of the demonic plane, able to draw upon darkness energy to cast all types of debilitating spells.

Following them came a series of goat-like demons with inky-black flames beneath their hooves. These goat demons were very large and strong, and the spellcasting demons all jumped onto their backs. These goat demons were extremely fast and were capable of unleashing powerful flame attacks. The spellcasting demons could cast powerful spells, but were very slow and defensively inept, so the two made a perfect match.

At this point, the demonic army had just about taken shape, and only more of the same demons were pouring out of the gates. The gates of light became more and more insubstantial, and even nine great demons were struggling to keep them open.

Right at this moment, a thunderous roar rang out, and the nine gates suddenly combined to form one gargantuan gate, following which an enormous being emerged.

This being was over 30 meters tall with purplish-golden scales all over its body, and a pair of horns on its head that were over three meters in length. There was a pair of massive wings on its back that were manifested from purple flames, and it was wielding a fiery purplish-golden claymore. As soon as it appeared, the surrounding space warped violently, as if the power of the plane were rejecting the being with all its might.

The massive demon roared as it cackled, "I, the great Demon Monarch Arba, have finally arrived in this world. My brethren, slaughter and devour to your hearts' content! The more living beings you devour, the more powerful you'll become, and once you attain sufficient power, we'll be able to open up more demonic passageways to allow more of our brethren into this world. Make this world tremble at our feet!"

The demonic army now numbered in excess of 30,000, and all of them roared to the heavens as an intense aura of darkness spread through the entire heavens, casting a purplish-black shadow over the entire earth.

"Hmm? What's that?" All of a sudden, Arba caught sight of something a little peculiar.

Those seemed to be several stars, except they seemed to be growing larger and brighter.

"How can there be such bright stars in this world? What are those things, my envoy?" A sense of foreboding welled up in Arba's heart at the sight of the approaching stars.

"I do not know, Your Majesty," Yuanen Yehui replied in a respectful manner.

"Roar!" Arba let loose an enraged roar, and flocks of flying demons rose up into the air toward the oncoming stars.

As the

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