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Right at this moment, Tang Wulin sprang into action. He instantly sprang up into the air, then thrust his Golden Dragon Spear forward to unleash countless spear projections toward Gu Yuena. The spear projections appeared to be very radiant and flashy, but their power was actually very much subdued.

Through his constant improvement and attainment of enlightenment, Tang Wulin had created two Dragon Emperor Restriction Techniques and also elevated all of his existing techniques to unprecedented heights.

It was still Fury of the Masses, but only now did Tang Wulin feel like he was getting close to the version that Old Tang had unleashed.

Gu Yuena drew a circle with her staff, and the seven-colored light suddenly transformed into seven fireballs of different colors that hurtled directly toward Tang Wulin's Fury of the Masses.

The seven fireballs surged through the air one after another, and wind soon crashed into water, forming an aquavortex. After that, earth arrived, followed by fire, and space, while light and darkness enveloped the entire attack.

Seven Elemental Great Fission!


As soon as Fury of the Masses was struck by this rainbow ball of light, the entire sky tremored violently, and all of the spectators suddenly forgot how to breathe.

A rainbow mushroom cloud erupted from the center of the explosion, demolishing the entire competition platform and causing the protective barrier to wobble in an unsteady manner. The Fury of the Masses was devoured, and Tang Wulin's body also seemed to have been engulfed.

"My god!" Ai Fei had already forgotten that he was wearing a microphone as he reflexively exclaimed, "I can't believe someone can control and fuse seven elements at once! This is insane!"

Most people knew the Silver Dragon Princess for her beauty, and even though she had displayed her power during the promotional videos, no one took that footage seriously.

Of course, Gu Yuena had to be quite powerful as she was a spirit envoy, but the vast majority of people were of the opinion that there was no way that she was more powerful than Qiangu Zhangting, who had become a spirit envoy well before her.

As such, many people thought that she was only challenging Tang Wulin in order to save face for the Spirit Pagoda, but in the end, she was going to leave with him anyway.

However, only after the Seven Elemental Great Fission had exploded did those people truly understand just how fearsome the Silver Dragon Princess was.

Every powerful Soul Master present was aware that seven elemental fusion would be impossible without Spirit Domain realm spiritual power. In fact, this was very difficult even for someone who was at the Spirit Domain realm.

The power of that terrifying explosion had already exceeded the Titled Douluo level, which meant that Gu Yuena was at least a Hyper Douluo.

With her power and beauty, she was truly a stunningly perfect package.

As Tang Wulin's body was engul

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