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Those two attacks really could've killed him. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to fool Qiangu Dieting and Qiangu Dongfeng. Even Elder Long and the others had thought that Tang Wulin had been severely injured, let alone everyone else.

Tang Wulin knew that he still couldn't control his own power to such a fine and accurate degree, and this was an indication of the gap between them. This meant that Gu Yuena's spiritual power had to be superior to his, perhaps even by a huge margin.

She had also constantly been improving, and following that battle, Tang Wulin had no doubt in his mind that she was now no less powerful than a rookie Limit Douluo.

With her insane aptitude, Qiangu Zhangting wasn't even worthy to lick the bottom of her boots.

Tang Wulin's spiritual power had already reached the mental manifestation level, but he could sense that Gu Yuena's spiritual power was like a boundless abyss that had no end in sight. That was most likely the pinnacle of the Spirit Domain realm. Even a quasigod may not possess such immense spiritual power.

She was already this powerful, yet he had foolishly declared that he would protect her. He had even become quite pleased with his own development, but it was now painfully apparent to him that he still had a very long way to go.

Having already experienced so many setbacks in his life, Tang Wulin was quickly able to repress his own negative emotions and direct his attention toward self-improvement.

Power was the basis of everything, and at the very least, he had to become more powerful than Gu Yuena. Only then would he be able to help her or perhaps...

Having regained his clarity of mind, Tang Wulin got down from his bed and looked around at the room that he was staying in.

This seemed to be a residential home that was very ordinary, but also very tidy. The blanket and sheets all had a unique scent of sunlight, and after parting the curtains, a tranquil scene was presented to him outside.

It was as if nothing had ever happened, but to Tang Wulin, this felt like the calm before the storm.

The outcome of this joust for a spouse event was most definitely going to shake the entire continent, and the first bold move made by the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy had undoubtedly created a rousing spectacle to behold.

Xie Xie hadn't gone into detail in his recount, but it was easy to imagine just how much of an impact that event would've had. Essentially, Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect had joined forces to oppose the Spirit Pagoda and even the federation.

What was most shocking of all was the influence displayed by Shrek Academy; even the Battle God Hall hadn't sided with the Spirit Pagoda.

The Tang Sect and Shrek Academy had displayed four Limit Douluos, and they definitely had countless more powerful beings lurking in the shadows.

This was the first time that the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy had made a public appearance since the destruction of Shrek City, and

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