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The reason why both sides were still ascending even after reaching such a high altitude was because they didn't want their clash to affect everyone on the ground below.

However, the parents and students on the ground were rather displeased as it was already too far away for them to be able to see anything clearly.

They had been elated at the prospect of being able to watch such an epic clash, but their excitement was quickly turning into anxiety.

However, right at this moment, two giant screens were rolled out of Shrek Academy, and the screens had been switched to the two channels that were offering live broadcasts of the clash. With their long-distance cameras, an extremely clear image was depicted on the screens.

"According to our altimeter, both sides have already reached altitudes over 1,600 meters, and they're still continuing to ascend. Are they competing to see who can fly the highest before the match officially begins? As we all know, the higher the altitude, the more sparse the air and the elemental particles are going to be, and this is very detrimental to all Soul Masters. However, it seems that powerful beings of their caliber are no longer restricted by such factors. I assume the main reason behind their decision to fly so high is so that they can ensure the safety of everyone on the ground below. Pilot, let's fly a bit further away as well; I don't want to be swept up in their clash."

"We're already over two kilometers away; if we go any further, we might not be able to capture clear footage," the pilot replied.

"It's alright, safety should be our number one priority." The host was a huge fan of Soul Masters, and even though she wasn't a Soul Master herself, she had a very clear understanding of just how destructive Soul Masters could be.

Tang Wulin's All or Nothing had left her with a very deep impression, and she was certain that the power of that attack had exceeded the power of the average ninth-grade soul missile.

She was in the prime of her life and currently a very popular host, and she certainly had no plans to perish here when everything was going so well for her.

However, not everyone was as safety-conscious as she was; there were currently two other planes situated around 1,500 meters away from the site of the battle, and they felt this to be an absolutely safe distance. Generally speaking, even a ninth-grade soul missile's destructive scope only spanned a radius of 1,500 meters; surely a clash between Soul Masters couldn't compare with that.

After rising to an altitude of around 2,000 meters, both sides finally stopped. At this altitude, the air temperature was far lower than it was on the ground, yet at the same time, the sunlight seemed to be particularly scorching on their skin.

Both sides quickly got into their formations.

The Spirit Pagoda representatives were led by the trio from the Qiangu Family, with Qiangu Dieting at the very center, and his two sons on either s

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