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If it hadn't been for Yun Ming, the power of the two godslayer missiles would've been enough to destroy the entire Shrek Academy sanctuary. Yun Ming had withstood close to half of the explosion's power on his own. If he had chosen to flee at the time, no one would've been able to stop him, but he couldn't do that as he was the Sea God's Pavilion Master and the ultimate guardian of Shrek Academy.

It was exactly because the Holy Spirit Cult had identified this that they had chosen to unleash such an attack. In doing so, they were placing Yun Ming in a situation where he had no choice but to sacrifice himself.

Under those circumstances, it was already a miracle that Yun Ming's soul had been able to survive using his martial soul as a vessel.

Wu Zhangkong hadn't participated in the clash against Spirit Academy as he had to oversee Shrek Academy's enrollment examinations.

He was constantly patrolling the examination venues, inspecting all of the data and statistics coming from each stage.

"Teacher Wu, the statistics for the eighth stage have come out; this new cohort is amazing! Over 60% of them have passed the mental examination; that's much better than our cohort," Luo Guixing said in an incredulous manner as he handed the statistical data in his hand over to Wu Zhangkong.

Wu Zhangkong accepted the spreadsheet and nodded in response. "There's a reason for that: all of them underwent an important spiritual lesson that bolstered their mental fortitude right before the examinations."

"Hehehehe!" Right at this moment, a burst of bone-chilling cackling rang out, and Luo Guixing was so frightened that he instantly ducked behind Wu Zhangkong.

This was a voice that he could never forget, but it was also one that he never wanted to hear again.

Old Demon Greed emerged with a benevolent smile before approaching Wu Zhangkong. "What do you think of our spiritual lesson?"

Wu Zhangkong extended a bow toward Old Demon Greed, and even though his expression was quite cold, he replied in a genuine voice, "It worked extremely well; I think this should be a part of all of our future enrolment examinations. Through this, we'll be able to bolster the determination of the students to join our Shrek Academy."

Old Demon Greed chuckled, "I also think it's worked very well. It's not brainwashing, but it can rouse the spirits of these young boys and girls. After all, nothing is more inspiring than witnessing the journey of the first generation of Shrek's Seven Monsters."

Luo Guixing couldn't help but ask, "Senior Greed, why didn't we receive this treatment on the demonic island? This isn't fair!" Even now, he couldn't help but shudder as he recalled back to those traumatic experiences. He could clearly recall that he had been transformed into a woman before being locked up together with Xu Yucheng, following which a strong aphrodisiac had been released upon both of them. Even though that had only been an illusion, he still wante

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