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Chapter 32

And now back to the present.

Gyeon Zio, a talented person who was good at holding the leash and had already become the civilian of the group, looked lost in thoughts.

The worst possible thing that could happen in a dungeon.

Who was the cause?

When humans encounter a crisis, the first thing they do is to push blame on others.

“This is all definitely because of you! Yoon Eui-seo, you bastard!”

‘No… a sudden rush like this?’

“If it weren’t for you! Let go of me! That bastard, a top 20 ranker suddenly stepped in and then this happened! We didn’t even call for you, you just barged in!”

In the end, Yoon Eui-seo was grabbed by the neck.

If a skeleton like thin man got shaken like the balloons in the gas station, even the sympathy that was originally not there would come out.

Gyeon Zio (1st) suddenly got sober and glared at Hwang Hon (6th).

‘This conscience-stricken gangster tofu…’


Yoon Eui-seo, who was pushed to edge, glanced at Hwang Hon with sad eyes.

“Wow, why is everyone staring at me…?”

“Ai Haetu Hwang Hon.”


“Oh, I’m sorry. I was so excited that I spoke in english without noticing. I have a disease that kills me if I don’t swear at Hwang Hon.”

“T-There is such a disease?”

“I am the owner of the Hwang Hon Anti fan club.”

“….I wonder if Hwang Hon would disappear behind the twilight?”(A play on his name, Hwang Hon also means twilight)

“What are you doing!”

Tak Lamin’s shout bursted out.

The two S-ranks quickly turned their heads.

The situation was easy to understand because of Yoon Eui-seo lying down on the floor. Hwang Hon murmured with a stiff face.

“What the fuck is that bastard doing…”

Yoon Eui-seo, ranked 29th in Korea.

He is also a rare A-class tamer.

There would probably be no chance of victory even if all the raiders rushed to attack him at once.

The ranks between awakeners created such big gaps. He didn’t deserve to be treated like that.

Zio stared at Yoon Eui-seo.

A person she unintentionally ran into a lot lately.

Starting from Yoon Kang-jae’s argument that his brother is the ‘magician king’ to dragon scales.

It had been bothering her.

She was sure he would show up in front of her when the time was right.

She followed him into the dungeon to see what other uses Yoon Eui-seo might possibly have…

Bullshit dragon.

‘It’s a sweet potato field.’(Sweet Patato = a term used to describe a persons frustration)

Even when reading a web novel, the sweet potato section was a scene that stimulated the spirit of the cider that would soon come that made readers engaged.(Cider = opposite of sweet potato, a feeling of relief and happiness)

“Oh, no. Agent! It’s fine. I’m sorry, everyone. I’ve caused you trouble.”

‘Your party member, Gyeon Zio, cries out saying she hates sweet potatoes.’

“It’s all my fault…”

‘No, that’s not it, you son of a bitch. Stop it.’

“So l

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