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The sound of a gunshot.

Flock of birds flew in unison.

It wasn’t far away.

Baek Do-hyun raised his head.

‘Was there anyone on this run who had shooting-related traits?’

Of course, it wouldn’t be strange if he just didn’t know about it since there was no such a thing as handing out weapons last time.

Due to the limitations of a gunner, it was meaningless if it wasn’t a part of a magic category.

If someone had such talent, there is no way he wouldn’t remember it.

‘I thought it sounded powerful… Maybe I was just mistaken. I’m not who I used to be, I shouldn’t forget this.’

Was there even a variable?

Baek do-hyun pulled out the sword from the monsters body while checking the ranking that hadn’t changed.

The change in difficulty and the mutation of monsters.

They were all things that shouldn’t have happened yet they did anyways.

It was a problem since he didn’t know if it was a simple butterfly effect or something more caused by his regression.

‘Let’s… do what we have to do first.’

He had to finish the tutorial as soon as possible and get back with the contractor. That was his priority.

Baek do-hyun got back up after a short rest.

The special points caused by eliminating the same race were now gone and the difficulty had gotten messed up due to the sudden mutations.

It was time for him to change his plan.

[Attribute ‘Tracker’ is activated.]

[Your five senses are slightly increased.]

‘I need a healer.’

Hoping that she was still alive, he went back to the streets where he parted ways with Na Jo-yeon.

Had it been around 30 minutes?

“Oh? Do hyun-ssi…?”

The trait ‘Tracker’ was not a skill so it was quite useful, even though it was lacking in professionalism.

Before long, Baek Do-hyun found Na Jo-yeon by the back of a stream.

To be more precise, a Na Jo-yeon who was becoming one with the wild and water.

“…Jo yeon-ssi. I have been looking for you for a very long time and this is what you look like…?”

Na Jo-yeon who was catching fish like a caveman hurriedly hid the wooden harpoon behind her.

However, Baek Do-hyun had already witnessed all the slaughtering and the fish trapped in a rope behind her.

Even the intestines had been neatly removed and trimmed.

‘Just… What happened? Why did you suddenly become Bear Grylls.’

“A-ah no. this is not…”

“No… I am glad you are doing fine. Even a tutorial can cause you to get hungry.”

‘It’s only been two and a half hours.’

“You have… a great ability to survive.”

“T-These are not for me to eat!”


A crying Na Jo-yeon. Her reaction was quite stellar.

While she was suppressing her embarrassment, Baek Do-hyun carefully looked at her again.

Messy hair, muddy cheeks, and smudged tear stains.

Now instead of Bear Grylls, she looked like something else. An ancient slave who was being held up…

Baek Do-hyun’s eyes sank.

Since he had been a hunter for a lo

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