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The thing she hated hearing the most was ‘what did you do while everyone else grew up’

Zio felt wronged

When it came to milk, she drank more than others. And slept like a log

By the way, she hadn’t grown up

It felt so unfair that she once questioned Miss Park

「What’s wrong with your daughter’s growth plate?」

「Your dad was a little small.」

「But Gyeon Ji-Rok and Gyeon Geum Hee are so tall!」

「Fortunately, those dogs took after me.」

It was at that moment she felt resentment towards the father whose face she couldn’t even remember

Anyways, the reason why she was mentioning this is because

Thanks to this height, She had been caught on the street more than once despite the cold impression she gave off

Therefore, it was safe to say that Gyeon Zio was now half an expert in terms of getting rid of cat callers

“Help me”

“Salvation is achieved by oneself. Salvation is achieved by oneself”

Back off, baekjeong or shincheonji

She didn’t care about MBTI either. She already knew. She looked like a cinnamon roll but could kill you

She should go buy a suit or something. Zio who turned around and clicked her tongue suddenly felt flabbergasted

‘The visual is too much to be a baekjeong’


‘A boy with pure manhwa eyes and manhwa-like hotness?’

Zio who was carefully eyeing the kid up and down, soon realised

She hadn’t recognised him for a moment because the dust that heavily covered his body had now worn off, but it was the guy from earlier

The F-rank who dramatically returned with a kid

The Seolleung station’s hero or something

She suddenly got a bitter feeling…

She had a hunch. That within one bite, he would put her in a troublesome situation

“The manticore is coming”

‘Look at this’

“The gate won’t close as it is. I mean it. It must feel sudden, I understand. And you might wonder whether I am some sort of crazy guy. I can’t explain it in detail… but please believe in me”


“You have to believe me”

The man whose voice had been getting slightly muffled towards the end of the sentence gained strength again

Every inch of his eyes were filled with faith

Zio was sure of that

‘…what, was this the artificial concept of a box office regression?’

It was too classic

The unusual line of visuals that made it look like he knew something. Even the attacks coming in at random

It was a cosplay, the main character of a box office movie, that had just returned

‘I bet all my fortune that this bastard is going to be from a web novel’’

The fiction novels really ruined the world of hunters. Even dogs and cows reincarnated, came back, and repeat

Even if you went to a starbucks near the center right now, there were dozens of trucks of these guys

An F-rank, also known as the retired class, coming back from a baby gate was a typical occurrence

How long had this guy survived without renewing his rank till today came?

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