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Babel Network

[Congratulations, Korea!]

[Babel Tower – 38th floor has been cleared]

[The ‘Dawn’ guild rings the bells of victory]

[National Republic of Korea – The 39th floor of the Babel Tower has been opened]

It was around 11 pm

The people who were finishing work for the day all looked up at the same time

Some people went to their windows and looked out into the distance

A faint bell sounded

Zio also opened her closed eyes

The bell was ringing from the tower

In the Babel tower, everytime someone reached the final gate of a floor the sound of bells rang

As soon as a attack team passed all the trials and the bell rang, the next floor would open up and the attack would end

‘Then the bell would ring and the taste of hand was thrilling’

Zio’s younger brother, Gyeon Ji-rok always used to call it the ultimate catharsis and laugh

No matter the amount of times you experience life and death, or no matter the price you have to pay

The rankers who climbed through the tower might have already gotten addicted to it

Babel Network

▷ Local – Korea

▷ Domestic Rankers channel 1

|3| Alpha: Thank you for your hard work. Dusk^^

|8| David: What a poisonous bastard…. Being able to do this in one day

|12| Imagination: Luck played a big role. It was our third challenge in a row. Unfortunately, it seems there is no change in the rankings

|6| Late Night Snack King: &/&:/you, come here you bastard son of a bitch, send the coordinates£%}+₩

|4| White bird: As you all know, floor 39 is next. Since it is the last one on the 30th floor the difficulty must be terrible. I hope the elites of each guild will gather like in floor 29 to avoid unnecessary sacrifices

|8| David: ㅡㅡHey number 1, are you looking? I heard you came to Seolleung today, how long do you think you can be mysterious

|1| Jo: ㅇㅅㅇ

|1| Jo: Mysterious (x), Mysterious (0)

|4| Whitebird: It’s attention, not state

( When saying mysterious, she ended both words by using different letters that both mean attention and state)

|8| David: You can’t even rank because you are too over your head

|5| Bambi: Jo, where are you right now

She would usually just surf through the channel, but she often appeared and answered what David would say

Because David was Zio’s favorite

Every Time she saw him, her heart felt warm. It comforted her mind and body

‘As expected, despite not studying much I was pretty smart’

For the sake of everyone’s self esteem, she wished only children like David would be shown on television

That way, Ms.Park would have been able to understand her daughter’s brilliance


[Mother’s son: Hey]

[Mother’s son: Hey Hey]

[Mother’s son: Aren’t you coming home?]

[Mother’s son: Wow you really are living just for today; are you living for one day?;;]

Zio turned towards her side

A house where the lights were off, and the ceiling is low

Baek Do-

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